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A Child Worried About Maths


Overcoming Math Phobia in Children, Solutions and Tips

Math is a subject that many children struggle with, and for some, it can even create feelings of fear and anxiety. This write up as the title reads, ‘How to overcome Math Phobia in Children: Solutions and Tips’, is self explanatory. You will get to understand that there are ways to help them overcome their math phobia. Here are a few solutions that may be effective:

How To Overcome Math Phobia In Children: Solutions and Tips

1. Hands-On Learning: One way to make math less scary is through hands-on learning. Instead of simply reading about math concepts or solving problems on a worksheet, children can be exposed to physical objects that they can manipulate to better understand the concepts. For example, using counting bears to learn about numbers, or using blocks to learn about fractions.

2. Repetition and Practice: The more children are exposed to math concepts, the more comfortable they will become with them. Encourage your child to practice problems regularly, and be sure to praise them for their efforts, even if they don't get the correct answer.

3. Games and Puzzles: Making math fun can be a great way to overcome a fear of the subject. There are many math-related games and puzzles available that can help children learn math concepts in a fun and engaging way. Some examples include Sudoku, KenKen, and Tangrams. Off late the you tube has been flooded with interesting Math video games that make learning Math real fun for the kids.

4. Abacus Training: One solution that has been proven to be effective is Abacus training. Mastermind Abacus provides Abacus training to children between the ages of 5 and 15. This training promotes whole brain development by activating both the left and right hemisphere of the brain, which can improve grades and make math interesting & fun instead of scary. When children Abacus Math they can perform mental math with exceptional speed and accuracy, which enhances their self belief, that they can do math with accuracy. This certainly does away with their fear of Math.

5. Positive Reinforcement: Positive reinforcement can be a powerful tool in helping children overcome their fear of math. When children see that they are making progress and that their hard work is paying off, they are more likely to continue working towards their goals.

To conclude, helping children overcome the fear of math is an important task, but it can be done. With the right approach, children can learn to enjoy math and even excel at it. Abacus training is one solution that has been proven to be effective, but there are many other solutions that can help as well. By using a combination of these solutions, you can help your child overcome their math phobia and become more confident in their abilities.

You now have the option to enroll your child in Offline or Online Abacus classes with Mastermind Abacus.

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