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Abacus Class and Its Future Advantages For Kids

Don't you ever wonder how easy the old times were? Doctor or engineer you only had two options, math or science you only had two choices, the paychecks might not be as high at those times but the people still knew how to adjust to their lives and still be happy.

But now, being out of the box is the new trend. There are plenty of career options now available for your kid. Nobody wants to be a regular guy or girl. Dreams have grown bigger and so have the competitions. Hence with every decision, you make you must remember that the world has toughened and so should your kid.

Therefore, with each decision, you make for your kid you are laying the foundation for your child's life and future. Whether it be their school or the after school classes, you must never settle for anything but the best.

And when we talk about the best, an Abacus class can be the best after school class to lay a strong foundation for your child's bright future.

The invention of the Abacus is still unclear. It is believed that the use of the Abacus first started in Asia. Nobody really knows exactly when and who invented the Abacus. While history is still blurred, the benefits of Abacus for the kids have been proven time and again in several studies by eminent scholars.

As we know, when you register your child for an Abacus Class you are not just helping them to fight their math phobia, but a lot more. Here is the list of several benefits that an Abacus Training can imbibe in your child and prove to be important life skills for the future. We shall here discuss Abacus Class and Its Future Advantages For Kids.

Abacus Math Makes Visualizing Numbers Easy

What a child learns in the former years of his life gives shape to his/her academic journey. So, while picking the best lessons and learning tools for your kid you must prioritize a few things on your list. Math should be one of them as it is used extensively in our daily lives apart from the many subjects it is used in. An Abacus Tool can be very helpful for children to learn math.

Using an Abacus consistently develops muscle memory and a natural affinity for math. At a young age, a child's brain is full of questions and curiosity about everything around him/her. The parents must use this curiosity for their benefit. While using the linear method of pencil and paper for teaching about numbers can make it difficult for the kids to understand them, at an Abacus class despite numbers being abstract the children learn to relate to the numbers visually in a 3-dimensional way.

Training In An Abacus Class Develops Self-Reliance and Confidence

Training in an Abacus class develops self-reliance. Once trained in the use of the Abacus, students learn to solve the arithmetic problems mentally without depending on tools like computers, calculators, phones etc., this is self-reliance. It boosts their confidence. Makes them competitive and ready and they invariably perform better. The brain of a child learning Abacus math learns to virtually manipulate the digits to reach the answer with accuracy and speed.

Abacus Improves Concentration & Ability To Perform Mental Math


Young kids have a hyperactive brain hence, it is very difficult for any teacher to keep them still and concentrated while teaching any lesson. The fact is that they have a very small attention span. Learning to perform Mental Math at an Abacus class enhances the child's concentration level several fold as they have to listen carefully, and move the beads on a virtual Abacus that they visualize. This not only helps them to solve the sums accurately but also at an unbelievable speed.

Abacus also helps the elder children as its unique structure allows them to perform difficult and long arithmetic equations with their fingertips.

Training In An Abacus Class Triggers Whole Brain Development

Abacus Training requires a child to use both his/her hands to move the beads on the Abacus tool. This activates the left and the right hemisphere of the brain. It thus triggers whole brain development and makes kids smarter than their peers.

Abacus Makes Kids Creative and Enhances Their Logical Thinking

The left side of the brain is responsible for controlling speech, arithmetic, comprehension and writing while the right side controls spatial activities, creativity, artistic and musical skills. Abacus thus develops both logistic and creative skills. This can help to broaden the career options and help your child in the future in deciding the best suitable option for him/her.

What To Take For The Future?

The twentieth century is the era of competition and fast pacing life.

While many kids are running fast in the race many are still struggling with the decisions they have to take.

Hence as a parent, it is important for you to think wisely about each and every choice you make for your child. Laying a strong foundation can direct your child towards a progressive future.

From school to extracurricular activities everything is important. Hence the after school activity you choose for your child is also a choice you should think well about. Unlike many programs that are just for hobby, Abacus class are an investment for your child's future.

With several benefits, the Abacus class should be an important part of the schedule of all the school-going children between the ages of 5 to 14 years. It will make the children prepared for the future when they grow up.

Selecting The Right Abacus Class

Several promoters provide Abacus training through their Abacus Center operated by their franchisees. The challenge for the parent is to choose the right Abacus education company for their ward.

Mastermind Abacus is a pioneer Abacus Company with 23 years of experience in Abacus Education. It has a global presence in 16 countries with over 2000 Abacus centers.

Moreover, Mastermind Abacus is the one and only company providing both Offline and Online platforms for Abacus learning to its students and their Abacus Franchisees.

To get complete information about the physical on-to-one Abacus class of Mastermind please fill out the Student inquiry form.

We have developed an Online Abacus E-Learning Platform and a hybrid Abacus E-Teaching platform becoming the world's first company to offer a live and interactive portal specially designed to teach abacus and learn Abacus Math.

The online course is developed into learning videos to be used in the presence of a teacher. The students learn through Abacus Math-based game videos. The entire system is developed allowing the constant presence of the teacher throughout the class via an inbuilt video conferencing video.

I am sure you must have got a fare idea of an Abacus Class and Its Future Advantages For Kids. To get a first hand experience, Mastermind Abacus welcomes you to Book a Free Demo and then take a decision.

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