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Benefits of Abacus For Kids

One fact that we all know about benefits of Abacus for kids is that the modern Abacus has been proven to be a complete brain development tool for children, which helps in improving one's mental math ability.

In mathematical history, Abacus holds a very special place. Abacus is one of the oldest calculation devices, and it is primarily used to calculate basic arithmetic problems. "abacus" originated from the Latin word "flat surface."

This phenomenal device comprises rods, beads, and a wooden frame. Each rod represents a specific place value, and each bead signifies a number. These beads are used by moving them along the rods according to the need of the calculations.

There are a few more amazing facts about Abacus that you might want to know. A few are listed below;

1. Most people confuse the Abacus with the counting board, but the real fact is that these tools are extremely different.

2. The first written record dating back to the second century BC, states that the Abacus originated in China.

3. The creator of the Cranmer abacus is Tim Cranmer. It is used to conduct calculations quickly and simply for Visually Impaired individuals. Cranmer Abacus was developed for blind people to learn calculations easily and accurately.

4. Our current computers use binary Abacus for handling numbers.

5. The name given to the Russian Abacus is ''Schoty''. The difference between other abacuses and Schoty is that it does not have decks. The Abacus was more prominent in Russia than in other countries. The first Abacus in Russia was imported from France in the year 1820.

6. The Chinese Abacus is called a "Suanpan." This term typically means- 'a calculating pan. China is amongst the famous countries that influenced Abacus the most. The use of the Abacus began as early as the year 1400 CE in China. Here, the Abacus was also called Jusan, Japan, and Supan.

7. The Abacus in the Japanese version is called a Soroban. In Japan, most schools still use Abacus for teaching mathematical calculations.

Now That We Know Some Facts About Abacus Let Us Answer Some of The Common Questions You Might Have

1. What Material Is Used For Making The Abacus? 

Bamboo frames make Abacus Tool, along with some beads and wires. You can find beads of different shapes. This bead helps to learn and count the calculation.
Abacus was created as a counting device for calculation in ancient times.

2. What Is The Person Who Uses The Abacus Called?

The term for person who uses an abacus is called an Abacist.

3. How Was Abacus Teaching Initiated?

At the earlier stage, the only use of the Abacus was in calculations. But with time, people found difficulties in learning math. Only after this people started using Abacus as a tool for learning and later find out about the different benefits of the Abacus for kids.

4. What About Technological Development

While calculators have taken the place of Abacus as a tool, they can certainly not replace Abacus learning program because of the different advantages it offers.

5. What Is Unique About The Modern Abacus?

At present, we use Soroban for calculations. It has one bead of value 5 in the upper deck, and one can set the Abacus to zero by pulling horizontally along the frame centre.

6. What Is The Use of An Abacus For Kids?

Using an abacus or your kid's learning will help your kid's brain development. It also enhances mental arithmetic in kids and adults.


7. Is Abacus Really Helpful For Your Kid? 

Well, Abacus is effective in a child's overall mental development in several ways. This includes advantages like rapid learning abilities, exceptional memory skills, superior listening abilities, increased attention span, self-confidence, etc.

Several promoters provide Abacus training through their Abacus classes operated by their franchisees.

The parent's challenge is choosing the right Abacus Company for their ward.

Mastermind Abacus is a world-renowned Abacus mental math program for children aged 5-13 years old. The program is specially designed to eliminate the fear of math in children.

Mastermind abacus is a pioneer Abacus Company with 23 years of experience in Abacus Education. It has a global presence in 16 countries with over 2000 Abacus centers.

Moreover, Mastermind Abacus is the only company providing both Offline Abacus Classes and Online Abacus Classes to its students.

We have developed an Online Abacus E-learning platform and a hybrid Abacus E-Teaching platform, becoming the worlds world's first company to offer a live and interactive portal especially designed to teach Abacus.

The online Abacus course is developed into learning videos to be used in the presence of a teacher. The students learn through Abacus Math-based game videos.

The entire system is developed, allowing the constant presence of the teacher throughout the class via an inbuilt video conferencing video.

With years of experience, we have found that using Abacus to understand math concepts is quite engaging for children. It helps the students adapt to distinct learning styles that activate both the creative and logical sides of the brain.

The program begins with the basics of the Abacus and gradually moves on to getting children to visualize beads and calculate in their brains.

Mastermind abacus for kids has brought a global math program that makes ''Math'' enjoyable for children.

So book a free demo now, and do not miss this chance to get the full benefits of Abacus.

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