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Abacus For Kids - Prepares Them For Future Competitions

When we talk about the awaiting world for today's children, we can only say the competition is cut-throat. The academic journey is full of huge challenges. It is the responsibility of the Parents, schools, and educationists to make this journey easy, effective, and worthwhile for the generation. While the children are exposed to several programs to make them smarter, faster, better, and more confident, we as parents and educationists need to understand how Abacus for kids - prepares them for future competitions.

With the explosion of the virtual world, there are many opportunities for after-school learning programs planned exclusively to help and motivate children to better learning.

We will discuss here the Abacus learning program and its benefits. It is being used and promoted as a program that can trigger whole brain development in children.

What is an Abacus?

It is the preliminary question that needs to be answered.

Abacus is a calculating device developed 3000 years ago in China and later modified by Japanese mathematicians. It has a wooden frame with an odd number of vertical rods and is divided by a horizontal bar into an upper and lower deck. The upper deck has one bead in each rod with a numeric value of 5. The lower deck has 4 beads with a numeric value of 1 each.

During Abacus training, children learn to do the basic mathematical operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Which is the right age to start Abacus Training?

Children are exposed to several routine activities to help them develop gross and fine motor skills at a very early age and learn at a great pace.

Experts opine that the best age to start Abacus training is 5 years. Several findings and studies indicate that the brain develops best at age 5 to 15.

The total time invested in mastering the Abacus takes almost two to two and a half years.

The skills learned through the Abacus Training of two and a half years almost becomes a habit and stay with them for a lifetime.

What are the benefits of Learning Abacus?


Let me tell you Abacus training has numerous benefits.

a) Since both hands have to be used for calculations on an Abacus Tool, both the left and right hemispheres of the brain get activated. The use of both hands promotes whole-brain development. A better-developed brain is a lifetime benefit.

b) In Abacus Maths training, a child learns to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, all mentally at an unimaginable speed with impeccable accuracy without using the fingers or an electronic device. This calculation ability is also known as the ability to do mental math.

c) Learning Abacus develops the ability to visualize, logical thinking, photographic memory, analytical ability, and recall ability of the child.

d) An Abacus-trained child performs better in all other subjects in school. Mathematical abilities are of great help in future competitive exams.

e) The entire process of Abacus training, due to these benefits, makes the child far more confident than their peers. It is a quality that is acquired at an early age and becomes a lifetime asset

f) Math Phobia or fear of math is a common problem in children. It happens because the numbers are abstract, and it is always difficult for a child to understand the concept. The Abacus helps the child visualize the numbers as objects and thus eases the understanding of the concept. Improved understanding adds to the confidence and takes care of the fear problem.


With several benefits, training of Abacus for Kids should be mandatory for all children between 5 to 14 years of age. It will make the children's competition ready for the future when they grow up.

Several promoters provide Abacus training through their Abacus classes operated by their franchisees.

The challenge for the guardians is to select the right Abacus Company for their ward. Mastermind Abacus is a pioneer Abacus Company with 23 years of experience in Abacus Education. It has a global presence in 16 countries with over 2000 Abacus centers. You can search on the internet, ‘Abacus Class near me’, there are all the chances you will find a Mastermind Abacus center in your vicinity.

Moreover, Mastermind Abacus is the only company offering its students offline and Online Abacus class options.

They have developed an Online Abacus E-learning platform and a hybrid Abacus E-Teaching platform.

The online course is developed into learning videos to be used in the presence of a teacher. The students do practice through Abacus Math-based game videos. The entire system is developed to allow the constant presence of the teacher throughout the class via an inbuilt video conferencing video.

To get a feel of the claims of Mastermind Abacus, you should book an online demo class and then make a decision.

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