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Abacus Class For Better Mental Health

The benefits of an Abacus Class on a child's brain development have been known for years. But did you know that Abacus can help in improving mental health?

Scientific research has proved that Abacus Training can positively impact its user's brain. They have even recommended that the younger brains should be exposed to training in an Abacus Class for better mental health enhancement.

Scientific Findings Support Abacus Training 

Today, a claim stating that "Abacus training improves mental health" still raises many questions and doubts.

Let's understand this with a step back into history. The use of the Abacus started centuries ago. For the past 20 years the scientific community in different parts of the world has been keen to evaluate the effects of mental arithmetic and abacus training on mental health and brain functions.

Their findings have been remarkable. Let us take a look at them.

Research On The Effects Of Mental Arithmetic On The Brain

Various studies including neuroimaging done on children from China to Spain, researchers from across the world commonly concluded that  abacus mental arithmetic training positively impacts people's mental health – from children of young age to older adults.

In 2013, a group of researchers used neuroimaging technology to measure 17 children trained in abacus mental math. The study was conducted at Zhejiang University in China. The indications clearly pointed towards  higher brain activation and significantly enhanced integration of multiple brain neural in abacus-trained children.

In another study in the year 2016, researchers from Spain conducted a study to assess and analyze the applicability of using abacus arithmetic on a group of 20 elderly patients. The results show a high level of satisfaction.

What Do These Studies Suggest?

1) These two isolated studies proved intense stimulation of brain cells, enhanced connectivity in the brain and improved functions of the brain networks, with the introduction of abacus training in the routine of normal people.

What makes these two studies particularly interesting and noteworthy is that abacus classes can be seen to be beneficial to improvement in the mental health in children and the elderly.

2) Research has shown that children exposed to abacus mental math exercises use their right brain as memory banks to retrieve data and information; on the other hand, students who are not exposed to this kind of training will only rely on one side of the brain to solve any problem.

As for most people, one side of the brain is more developed than the other. But for the kids who learn Abacus, the brain develops equally on both the hemispheres.

The findings also show a high level of engagement and satisfaction in users regardless of age or mental condition. This is miraculous proof of positive effects of Abacus Training.

3) We should all know that good mental health is a great defense against mental diseases. Nowadays the reports of our children having to deal with school stress, peer pressure, etc. are on the increase by several folds.

How well they deal with these daily pressures is completely based on  their mental strength.

Hence, it is time for us to focus on their mental health along with their physical fitness. Besides good food and nutrition, the kids need mental exercises like Abacus to keep their minds healthy. According to the studies, those elderly showed significant improvements during abacus training. The effects are much greater on the children.

4) Abacus training stimulates brain activities, which usually leads to a break in anxiety levels. Therefore, the more the child enjoys using the Abacus, the happier they are, reducing stress levels to almost nil. The children use their hands and fingers to move the beads of the Abacus. This movement of the beads helps the child in developing their gross motor skills.

We at Mastermind suggest to the parents that; although the Abacus is a skill that can be acquired at any age, the most benefits are seen when a kid begins their abacus class between the age of 5 to 14 years, which are the early years of education. The reason behind this advice is that the kid's brain is developing between the ages of 5-14. At this age, 75% of the brain's neocortex development transpires. Also, children possess the acquired motor skills during this age to manipulate the Abacus bead movements confidently.

While a person only uses their dominant hand to perform any task. Abacus class teaches the child to use both hands, as the calculation in Abacus is correctly performed only by using both hands simultaneously. Using both hands to move the beads of the Abacus stimulates both sides of the brain. This is how abacus class enhances brain activity and improves mental health.

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But Mastermind also focuses on the science behind Abacus. We know that Abacus is not just a skill but an investment for your child's bright future. Abacus class not only helps fight the fear of math but also lays a strong academic foundation for your kid while enhancing their mental health. Mastermind Abacus is a pioneer Abacus Company with 23 years of experience in Abacus Education. It has a global presence in 16 countries with over 2000 Abacus centers.

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