Abacus is a 3000 years old
Ancient calculating Device

That Trains Your child

to perform Mental Math
with great speed and accuracy.

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What is Abacus? The Gateway to Mental Math Mastery

The abacus, a time-honored tool for calculation, is traditionally made up of a rectangular frame containing several rods, each lined with beads. These beads are slid along the rods to represent numbers and facilitate various arithmetic operations. In modern times, the abacus has found a new role as a tool for enhancing brain development in children. It has been particularly effective in improving mental math skills, capturing worldwide attention for its remarkable benefits in this area.

Abacus: A Brain-Boosting System

Recognized globally as a 'Holistic Brain Development System,' the abacus is more than just a counting tool. It's a brain enhancer! Kids using the abacus demonstrate amazing mental math abilities, dazzling everyone with their speed and accuracy. Research shows that children aged 5 to 14 benefit the most from abacus training.

How Does the Abacus Work?

Ever wondered how this simple tool can be so powerful in math? The abacus makes all arithmetic calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division a breeze. But there's more – it's also adept at handling decimal calculations and negative numbers. The secret lies in moving its beads up and down. Each bead's position represents a specific value, and by skillfully manipulating them, you can perform complex calculations with ease and speed. It's not just a tool; it's a brain exercise that enhances your numerical agility.

The Power of Learning Abacus

Dr. Toshio Hayashi, a renowned brain development expert, believes starting abacus learning early is key to activating a child's brain. When kids use an abacus, they engage both hands, sparking activity in various brain regions. This leads to enhanced whole-brain functioning and a sharper intellect.

Benefits of Abacus Training

Abacus isn't just about numbers; it's a tool for overall brain enhancement. Here's what it offers:

  • - Boosts visualization and imagination.
  • - Sharpens focus and concentration.
  • - Encourages logical thinking and problem-solving.
  • - Enhances memory and recall abilities.
  • - Studies confirm that kids who learn abacus outperform their peers in academics, showcasing superior cognitive skills.

With these benefits, abacus learners scored higher than non-abacus learners. They show overall improved performance in their academics.

What is Mental Math?

Mental Math is the ability to Solve a mathematical sum with speed and accuracy without the help of any tools like a calculator or computer.
The Abacus Training develops the ability to visualize the Abacus tool and move the beads logically on it.
Students recall the final bead position due to their photographic memory and solve the sums mentally.
When a student trained in Abacus exhibits their mental mathematical skills, the child is said to be doing Abacus Mental Maths.

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