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Abacus learning by a Child an Abacus Tool


Are Classes Like Abacus, etc., Really Helpful To Indian Kids?

Abacus learning, does it really help Indian Kids? This very question is being asked; as I read between the lines, it probably is indicating at the point that Indian Kids and Indian as such are good at Math. So why do they need anything like an Abacus, a Kumon, or Vedic Math?

Well, it is not like that. Even if it were correct that Indians are good at Maths, if Abacus and Kumon courses have value to add to their Mathematical skills, I would certainly say these are useful for them too. However, the benefits may be age-specific only.

Abacus Math, An After-School Program 

To understand this, let us discuss how Abacus helps a child improve their Mathematical ability or their ability to do mental math.
Abacus learning involves an Abacus Tool. The beads in the Abacus have a numeric value. The tool user is trained to move the beads vertically up and down per the numbers and the arithmetic operators to be applied in a sum. The final position of the beads on the Abacus instrument is the answer. The beads are moved with both hands. Using both hands triggers a whole brain development in the Abacus trainee.

Over time, the Students in the Abacus classes learn to visualize the Abacus tool. They can move the beads mentally per the requirements and reach accurate answers. They learn to do this at a great speed. It has been seen that the Abacus Students can do sums with multiple digits and rows at great accuracy and speed.

The science behind these benefits of Abacus learning has a lot of research and backup by eminent scientists and educationists. The students who undergo Abacus training exhibit higher levels of concentration, logical thinking ability, and ability to visualize and recall. The overall improved performance of the kids in their Academics reflects their enhanced abilities.

The benefits of the Abacus are best achieved by children in the age group of 5 to 15 years. It is a finite program of 24 months.

Other After-School Math Programs

Kumon: It follows the traditional method of learning math by repetition. It is engaging and relies on children practicing sums on pre-developed worksheets by Kumon. Although it is a huge brand having its presence worldwide, majorly in the Western World, it is less popular in India. Any student starting from 3 years of age to High School can take up this course.

Vedic Math, the ancient Indian Math Program - This is one process of Mathematics that can, in real terms, be labeled as ancient. It finds its roots in the Up-Veda of the Atharva Veda. Originally written in Sanskrit. It was later translated into commonly understandable Mathematical language by Adi Shankracharya, Swami Bharati Krishna Thirath Ji Maharaj.

Vedic Math calculations are based on 16 sutras and 13 sub-sutras or formulas. These help mathematical calculation by skipping several steps generally followed in conventional methods. Vedic Math also helps in fast calculations of a complex mathematical equation of Algebra, etc. It is of great help and has its applications in competitive exams.
A child best learns it in the early teens with a certain level of intelligence.


I want to conclude that the Abacus depends on the Abacus Tool and has its technology of calculations. It has long-term benefits like improved concentration, visualization, recall, photographic memory, etc. It is equally useful for a student from any part of the world. After completing the Abacus course, they could move on to Vedic Maths.

As far as Vedic Maths, it has its indigenous technique for calculations. One who is proficient in it could do miracles with math. The can solve simple to complex mathematical calculations mentally without using any calculator. It uses the intelligence of a person rather than relying on any gadget.

BUT If you are interested in the simple traditional mathematical practice, you could opt for Kumon. It does not introduce any new technique of calculations. It enables lots of practice.
All these courses ABACUS, VEDIC MATHS and KUMON, have their benefits for students, be they Indian or from any other part of the world.

Mastermind Abacus, the World’s most advanced Abacus learning program, offers you the option of choosing from Offline one-to-one Abacus Classes and Online Abacus Classes. We also have an option if you would like to set up Abacus classes in School.

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