Blog : Abacus Learning leads to a better understanding of Math calculation

Abacus Learning leads to a better understanding of Math calculation



Abacus learning has now been established to be having great positive effects on mathematical abilities as compared to those following conventional methods of learning math. Their grades are higher and they exhibit a lot more confidence than their other classmates. With such a lot of astonishing achievements and almost mind-blowing results, we need to ponder: what are the scientific facts supporting this simple ancient calculating device, the Abacus?

We are at the far end of 2021 and the academic world still acknowledges the advantages of Abacus to students undergoing Abacus training. Many individuals and guardians express their doubts and question the utility of Abacus learning in this hi-tech era when the students can access the best of technical support with just a click and improve their academic grades. How can Abacus classes enhance academic performance?

The answer to these positive results of Abacus training can be attributed to the fact that every trainee without any exception learns the knack of doing Mental Math.

Abacus Learning -The ability to calculate in the mind - The Mental Math

The kids undergoing Abacus Training learn to visualize the Abacus tool and use it effectively as a physical Abacus. The ability to move the Abacus beads on the virtual Abacus for doing a calculation has significant advantages that go far beyond simple Math. This skill of being able to do Mental Math puts these students a step above their peers, adds greatly to their confidence. This confidence reflects in their improved grades. They are seen to perform better in all other subjects too. This has a positive effect on their self-esteem. Several scholars have done the research and studied in the last 5 decades on the Abacus and its effect on cognitive development, memory, recall, brain development and the social behavior of the Abacus trainees.

A research publication, titled ‘Abacus in the Brain’ published online on the 28th of Aug. 2012, talked all about the case of a mental abacus expert who suffered a stroke and had rebuilt her mental abacus and advanced calculations over a 2-year span. The study commented on how “abacus users not only manipulate the tool skillfully in its physical form but also gain the ability to mentally calculate extraordinarily large numbers, often more than 10 digits at the expert level, with unusual speed and accuracy.

Abacus Learning - Effects on Right & Left Hemispheres of the Brain

The human brain or the cerebrum comprises two hemispheres: the left and the right. When we talk about logic, numbers, linear processing etc, we are actually talking about the functions of the left brain. The left half of the brain gets activated first when kids are introduced to math. The right brain is responsible for creativity, perception, visualization, instinct, and music etc. When we train the kids with Abacus we activate the right brain. Abacus uses the ability of the right brain for visualization of the Abacus Tool for performing Mental. The conclusive statements in the research paper discussed in Abacus in Math say that expert Abacus users have the ability to perform large calculations on the imaginary Abacus instrument by moving the beads mentally at an extremely fast pace with absolute accuracy. Numbers being abstract is difficult for the kids to comprehend but with the Abacus tool, the numbers literally get a form, which the kids understand and are able to use to do the calculations.

Abacus Learning – The Outcome

The Right hemisphere of the brain needs to be activated when very young. The learning system in general for the young one involves more repetition, practice, exams etc. All the activities are left-brain dependent. The imbalance between the workload of the left and the right brain at a younger age interferes with the child’s ability to become creative or intuitive. This delays the development of the child’s brain and they often find it difficult to understand several necessary concepts. They may need a lot of explaining even to understand simple addition or subtraction, but teaching them with the Abacus instrument makes it easy as they can visualize the numbers through the beads.

The Abacus method of teaching math has a great advantage as it allows the child to literally visualize a number and its value owing to its position on the Abacus Tool. Moving the beads to the correct position based on the arithmetic operator to be used requires applying lots of formulas and logic. This is also the basic fundamentals of not only arithmetic but also science. It also allows the liberty to solve a problem in different ways, as per the creative thinking, understanding and convenience of the student, but of course with a clear conviction of reaching the right solution. Studies have proved that using Abacus involves the Right-brain allowing the left brain to play its role in short term memory, imaginative with new ideas and also to connect with the right brain to logical thinking for obtaining solutions both in the classroom and beyond.

Abacus Learning – Much more than just Math

As discussed above the science behind Abacus, takes it far past only Arithmetic. Here are some significant advantages of the abacus:

Augmented spatial ability - The basics of using an Abacus Tool involve the fingers of both hands, the auditory system to hear a question, the imaginative skills to visualize an Abacus instrument, the unique ability to move the beads to the accurate position depending upon the arithmetic operator, decoding the position of the bead from objects to a numerical value, recall the value and ultimately reach the final answer of the calculation. This all is done simultaneously and at a super speed. Invariably the Abacus trained students beat a calculator when it comes to calculations. Well, this is just one part of the Abacus training. This is one of the best spatial abilities. This is also an indicator of a wholly developed brain with exceptional functional abilities.

Abacus Learning - Enhanced Memory

Youngsters proficient in the use of the Abacus, figure out how to go about solving a problem by applying different formulas and logic. This method is not limited to only Arithmetic. They are seen to be comfortably proficient in other areas of mathematics like algebra, trigonometry, geometry etc. Their enhanced memory and recall enable them to learn new words and subsequently a language. Taking of short term memory, this usually is occupied with the current requirement of solving a problem, but Abacus students do not need to remember numbers as they know it is there on the Abacus tool as last bead position.

Better Grades - This enhanced Memory is of great help to students when it comes to the other subjects. Abacus students have been shown to perform better in overall academics.

Abacus Learning - High level of confidence 

Abacus students do the calculation at a great speed and with absolute accuracy. This gives a sense of achievement multiplying their level of confidence. It has a motivating effect on the students, increasing their eagerness to attempt the next question. They carry this confidence in their academics and in life too as they grow up.

Abacus Learning - The Conclusion

There are enough scientific research papers that support Abacus teaching for improving Mathematical abilities and visible changes are very obvious. Abacus has proved to be one of the most accepted after school programs worldwide.

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