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Difference Between Abacus and Vedic Maths



This is one question that has been asked very often. To start with, both Vedic Math and Abacus are ancient methods of calculation. Both these systems were created in the ancient era to facilitate small, large and complex calculations that too mentally without the help of any physical calculating device. These calculating systems were of great importance as there were no calculating devices available like we have today.

We would be able to understand the differences between Abacus Math and Vedic Math once we know what these methods actually are and how they function.

Vedic Mathematics: It is the oldest known method of calculation, as old as 5000 BC. This is an ancient Indian calculating system well documented in the Atharva Vedas. It is a highly advanced system of Mathematics, based on 16 Vedic sutras. These sutras were translated from Sanskrit to simple and commonly understandable mathematics. The system allows mental calculation at a fast pace as it skips several steps used in the Metric system of Mathematics. Vedic Mathematics also includes the solutions for complex Algebraic, geometric and Trigonometric calculations. Vedic math teaching can be initiated from 8 years of age. The Vedic Sutras help in speed calculation in simple basic arithmetic to complex and higher mathematical calculations. It is highly handy when it comes to cracking competitive exams.

Abacus Math:  As per the available evidence in the history of Abacus it is an ancient tool used for Arithmetic calculations. This tool has a frame with beads. The frame is divided into two parts: the upper deck and the lower deck. While the former has 1 bead of value 5 and the latter has 4 beads of each of value 1. The beads are manipulated vertically up and down to do the calculations. The process involves the use of both hands. The use of both hands stimulated both the left and right hemispheres of the brain thus triggering whole brain development. The kids after training start to use an imaginary Abacus instrument that they are able to visualize. They move the beads mentally and can translate the bead position into numbers and reach the answer of the sum. This allows the students to do calculations at a rapid pace with absolute accuracy. The results are best seen when the Abacus Classes can be initiated as early as 5 to 6 years of age. The results in adults are not that encouraging.

As After School Programs: Several Schools are now including Abacus Math or Vedic Maths or even both as their after school program. The idea is to generate enough interest in mathematics among the children. This is very important as many kids shy away from maths and many are even scared of Math.

Learning Mental Math: Learning mental math and becoming an expert in doing mental calculations demands a lot of practice and practice. The Abacus course is so designed that kids continue to do mental calculation practice throughout the tenure of 2 to 2 and half years. The online Abacus program now has included interesting Abacus math based video games. This makes the learning process more engaging and interesting. The Vedic Maths formulas permit quick calculations adding to exceptional speed even while solving complex mathematical questions. This imbibes a lot of confidence in the student. This also encourages the students to do more calculations. The end result is a highly interested successful student of maths.


So to conclude, both Abacus and Vedic Maths are of great help for the students for developing speed and accuracy in doing mental math. You could start training your child in Abacus Math as early as 5 to 6 years. You have the option to send your child to physical Abacus classes or else you have the option of going for online Abacus Classes. Vedic Math is best to start after 10 years of age. You can get several Vedic Math classes or online study material also books that can help your child to learn Vedic Maths. While Abacus will help in whole brain development and help in overall academic performance, Vedic Math is of great help for success in competitive exams.

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