Abacus Education, How To Reach It To The Vast Rural Student Population?

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A vast majority of the Rural Student population is deprived of the facility of Abacus Education. Mainly because of the negligible availability of Abacus Training Centres and also lack of awareness among parents, students and schools too. The recent development of the Online Abacus Teaching and Learning Platform by well-known Abacus Promoters brings in a ray of hope for those looking to learn (Students) or those wanting to start Online Abacus classes with their focus being the Student population of the Rural Belt.

Acceptance of Abacus among the Parents

Abacus Math or Abacus method of calculations has gained appreciable acceptance among the parents.  Abacus has been perceived in the last two decades as a boon for the younger students, especially in the age group of 5 to 14 years. It is very popular as it has been seen that students having undergone Abacus Training can do calculations faster than a calculator.

It has also been documented by experts that while Abacus training of students develops their skill of doing mental math, abacus training also enhances the student's ability to visualize, recall, it also instills photographic memory, improves their logical thinking, and augments their level of confidence. Abacus training also has a positive effect on the overall academic performance of the students.

The limited presence of Abacus Classes in the Rural Belt

An approximation suggests there would be more than 30,000 trained Abacus Teachers across the world and over 20,000 plus abacus institutes operated by these teachers. Our observation as Global Abacus promoters (we are present in over 16 countries), we have observed that despite the acceptance and popularity of Abacus among the masses, the number of Abacus Training institutes and the Trainers are far less compared to the number of school-going children. The presence of the Abacus center is far and few in the Rural Belts. We can safely conclude that these numbers could grow in multiples.

Reasons for Limited or non-availability of Abacus Centres in the Rural Belts

There could be many reasons for the present situation. To list a few:

a. The big organized Abacus Companies have their presence only in major cities.

b. The 2nd tier cities have more local players only.

c. There is hardly any proper Abacus Institute in the rural sector.

d. The number of schools promoting Abacus in schools is negligible.

e. Lack of one-to-one Abacus Training facilities in the Rural Belt. The Companies find it difficult to organize one-to-one Abacus training for aspiring Abacus Teachers due to financial limitations.

f. Cost involved in Franchisee fees, infrastructure, overhead expenses for marketing restricts people from venturing into Abacus franchisee business.

The solution that could promote Abacus in the Rural Belts

As a conclusion to the above discussion we can say two steps if taken could help in giving a surge to the Abacus Franchisee business and also increase the availability of Abacus Education even in rural areas;

a. Cut down on the cost involved in starting an Abacus Institute, i.e. ensuring reduction in Franchisee Fee, infrastructure, and overheads.

b. Ensuring quality teachers' training to all the people aspiring to do so, with their geographical location not being an obstacle.

Live Online Abacus Teaching and Learning Platform, the need for in Abacus Education

The need is for an ‘Online Abacus Teaching and Learning Platform’ that can be a sure solution to this problem.

a. This would reduce the cost of infrastructure and overheads as anyone could start an Abacus institute from the Home with only a Laptop or PC and a Broadband internet connection.

b. Abacus Teachers Training Program on the same Platform ensures the availability of quality Abacus Teachers.

c. Students can learn from home on their Laptop or PC reducing travel costs.

The Pandemic Effect on Abacus Classes Worldwide

In the last one and half years the world has been going through difficult times, the entire education sector has been very adversely affected. All schools, colleges, universities, and institutes have been locked down. This has resulted in the closure of all the Abacus institutes worldwide. The availability of an ‘Online Abacus teaching Platform’ could also ensure that the closed down Abacus centers can also get back their students.

Yes, we now have a solution, ‘The World’s First Live Online Abacus Teaching Platform’ By Mastermind Abacus

Although several local companies are claiming to provide online Abacus teaching options, they lack even the basic training facilities and the support system required.

We at Mastermind Abacus, based on our 20 years of experience with Abacus, worked with our IT team to create an ‘Online Abacus Learning Platform’.

a. Here students continue to get the feel and the results are like any conventional Abacus Classroom.

b. The entire Abacus curriculum has been transformed into interesting game-based lessons,

c. Additional help of a Virtual Abacus is available, which is like a virtual teacher for the students.

d. The teacher has complete control over the progress of the class and can monitor any number of students at the same time.

e. It gives the teacher the option to teach lessons, interact with students, assign classwork and homework, conduct exams, evaluate the work of the students, and also issue certificates on completion of levels.

f. Facilities for Online Abacus Teachers Training facility through the same Platform.

g. The integrated management system helps in managing the entire business in a hassle-free manner.

h. This program is available for interested people at Zero Franchise Fee.

This ‘Online Abacus learning Platform’ of Mastermind will certainly enable Abacus to reach even the rural areas and also help schools to decide in its favor. Now Abacus will be in every student's reach in any part of the world.

Your candid thoughts about the above ‘E-Learning Platform’ designed to facilitate both Teaching and Learning will be of great help in further enhancing its quality. 

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