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Abacus Learning Transformation from In-Person to Virtual Platform



Corona pandemic, Lock down, closed schools, locked-in students are all unfavorable negative words that the world population has been facing for almost 18 months now. This has left parents flabbergasted with no clues whatsoever when it came to the children"s education. The demand for online learning platforms grew at an unexpected pace. Abacus was no exception.

There began a desperate search for Abacus Learning Platform, Abacus Portal, etc. This became a global phenomenon. This write-up tries to introduce you to the world’s first Abacus E-Learning Platform that is equipped to deliver the most effective Online Abacus Classes. The results achieved are as good as that from in-person learning, despite it being a virtual classroom.

Abacus in-person learning:

When we refer to in-person or conventional Abacus Classes, we are expecting an Abacus Trained Teacher to train the kids of the physical classroom about the use of an Abacus Tool.

So, what is the process of one-to-one Abacus training for the students in a physical classroom?

a. Well the teacher has a large size Teacher’s Abacus, usually mounted on the wall beside a black/whiteboard.

Every student has an individual Student’s Abacus, Abacus workbooks of the related level and a pencil.

b. To start with the students are familiarized with the Abacus tool and the bead values. This is demonstrated on the teacher’s Abacus and the students replicate the action on their student’s Abacus.

c. The students are then taught the right process of using their fingers while moving the Abacus beads on the Abacus to attain a certain value.

d. The Abacus classes start with the students learning additions and subtraction of digits 1 to 9.

e. They follow it up by solving a certain number of sums in their work book by calculating on the Abacus.

f. The teacher assigns homework and the kids are expected to solve the same before the next class.

g. Over a period the children are taught to visualize the Abacus Tool and move the Abacus beads mentally to solve the sums. These sums are usually dictated by the teacher; the students have to listen with rapt attention and solve them mentally and tell the answers.

If you observe, the role of a teacher is very important in the entire process because the teacher has to keep an eye on every action that the child does.

To mention a few:

a. Training the child to develop correct finger movements and see that they follow the correct process while solving the questions.

b. Help them learn to visualize the Abacus.

c. Train them to listen with concentration so that they can do Mental Math with ease.

d. Encourage the children to solve the questions with speed.

e. Conduct exams after every level.

f. Evaluate the classwork & homework and the exam sheets.

g. Issue mark sheets and certificates.

h. And last but not least keep the Abacus Class interesting enough to ensure that the children complete all eight levels.

While developing an Online Abacus teaching and learning portal the challenge was to ensure that the teaching process is equipped to deliver equally effectively as an offline Abacus Class and so also the Abacus learning process be hassle-free for the students.

Mastermind Abacus with its experience in Abacus Training for the last 23 years and its presence in over 16 countries, successfully transformed the conventional Abacus teaching and learning into the most practical Abacus E-Learning and Teaching Portal.  This portal is accessible globally. Over 2000 Mastermind Abacus Franchisees are ready to deliver this facility to the students in their respective countries.

If you study the features of the world’s first Abacus E-Learning Platform of Mastermind Abacus, you can see it does qualify through all the required parameters of an in-person Abacus Class.

1. It involves an instructor-led coaching technique to assist students in learning.

2. The online learning videos are developed to proceed step by step to teaching students.

3. These video lectures are followed with interesting Math Abacus based ingeniously developed video games. This ensures that learning Abacus for the kids becomes interesting and helps them learn while playing.

4. An integrated video conferencing window allows the teacher to monitor important activities like correct finger movement, performing mental math as instructed etc..

5. The option of classwork, assigning homework and conducting exams with real-time evaluation options makes this Abacus online portal unique and user friendly.

6. It has a virtual abacus that is more like a 24x7 teacher that helps in guiding a student & also the teacher if they ever get stuck while solving a sum. This encourages the students to practice at home.

7. The learning sessions, Abacus math-based videos ensure there are no dropouts and the students graduate through the entire Abacus course and levels.

The transformation of Abacus learning from in-person to virtual has been successfully executed by Mastermind Abacus.

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