Make It A Whole Brain Development For Your Ward With Mastermind Abacus



Mastermind Abacus gives an exclusive gaming region for kids to practice and studies Abacus as well as mental math within a playful surrounding. This pleasant and joyous podium makes learning enjoyable. The innovative teaching techniques acclimatized by us guarantee the easy grabbing of teachings by kids. Our procedure augments the general confidence and modifies personal individuality.

The Tool – ABACUS

Abacus has been an ancient computing tool and is now confirmed to build up the right and left sides of the human brain. During the modern era, the training of Abacus is afforded to have a competitive frame and harmonize their academic grades. The following can measure the development of the brain by Abacus education 

Improved listening;


Recall abilities, as well as

Visualization of the kid

Furthermore, Abacus aids perform quick mental mathematical calculations.

Game-Based Education

Mastermind Abacus gives game-based education periods that engage wards and keep their concentration active in the learning of Abacus. The interactive lecture room enables every department to partake in activities that kick off a prompt response, therefore improving their mental calculation skills. The pioneering technology, such as Score Board, Point Card, as well as Speed Building software techniques, brings up a competitive spirit in kids. Our teaching method rhymes with the school calculation system guaranteeing easy learning.

Speed Building Software

This is exclusive software meant to cultivate the math practice inside kids by affording them with an animated platform. The Speed Building Software is pleasurable for children and guarantees participation for a more extended period, without monotony. The vibrant video games (level-wise) developed in the software offer knowledge of gaming with video.

International Competitions

We carry out State, Center, International, as well as national level competitions for presenting ease of online examinations. When it comes to offline examinations, this mode assists students as well as parents to decrease the demand for traveling to show up for the exam. Also, it weighs up kids immediately on accuracy and speed.

Homegrown Class Conduction Techniques

Our Abacus teachers prepare the list of items proper previously before taking the lessons for the wards. Within our charming learning rooms, every student gets enough chance to receive points as well as win prizes. The goal of every lesson period is to instill the ‘zeal" to stand competitions and be the winner as well.

Organization of Mastermind Abacus Program

Eligibility: Kids or wards that are from 4 years to 14 years are eligible for this program. Your child must be four years and above to sign up or 14 years and below to join.

Duration: The duration is made up of 10 levels. Each level is of 3-4 months, and the total length is 30 months.

Learning Periods: There will be Abacus classes every once within a week. The classes will last for about 2 hours. The kids can come along with their lunch.

Why choose Mastermind Abacus?

Mastermind Abacus supports the development of the whole brain, which reinforces the memory, attention, problem-solving as well as creative skills of kids and adults. It implants higher success and self-assurance in life and academics in general.

The Training Methodology of Abacus at Mastermind Abacus makes a kid learn mathematics by Play and Learn technique. It is the incorporation of both olden days as well as modern technology, which provides a perimeter to the course of Mastermind Abacus over other"s programs on Abacus.

Indeed, Mastermind Abacus is the best!

Taking your child to school at an early stage will promote fast brain development. This is because of their computer age and adapting ability. After their pre-school or crèch classes, bring them to Mastermind Abacus at age 4, and you will maximize their brain for a successful future. Mastermind Abacus does not only offer math games, but they also give math teachings based on their curriculum and level of the ward.

Take a step! Make a choice today! Make your child a math worm in your area, and you will see the result just a few times. This program is only one of its kind. Don"t let your child or children miss this opportunity. Though it is recurrent, starting at an early stage will give them in-depth knowledge of the Abacus. Start today and enjoy it in the future!

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