Developing Concentration Through Abacus Training



Concentration is the ability or power to focus on a particular thing. It is a process that involves an individual’s attention and requires mental effort to gather quantitative and qualitative information. Concentration is a state through which an individual can grasp the maximum knowledge in his/her mind from the current activity.

To develop a sound understanding of studies, sports or other any activity, high levels of concentration is required.

As parents, you may not realize the importance of concentration or are not aware about the reasons that may result into lack of the child’s concentration. Some of the reasons include:

·         Inadequate amount of motivation

·         Lack of enthusiasm and encouragement

·         Distraction through surrounding activities

·         Low self esteem and confidence

·         Unsatisfactory and inferior performance in classroom

·         Unclear and undefined objectives etc.

Now indeed while going through these causes which affects concentration, you would realize which of these is applicable on your child.

And if you could point out any of these reasons (or maybe two or more), you should probably seek for solutions that enhances the child’s concentration. Create a plan to be followed and implement it. Some piece of advisory:

·         Set short term goals that are achievable

·         Make children involve into activities that demand focus

·         Make them play and solve puzzles


How does Abacus help in developing concentration?

Abacus helps children to develop sharp concentration as the students learn to practice Abacus by visual learning. Abacus training can influence visualization and concentration abilities in a kid. The kids between the ages of 4 to 14 years concentrate more towards lessons (or books) that are visually attractive.

Abacus gives children the liberty to solve a question on an instrument rather than on a paper, by moving the beads that magnetize their concentration. They listen, visualize, calculate and thus solve the sum in a fraction of seconds. All this requires understanding of the concept and a very high level of concentration. In short, Abacus trains the kids to look at the problem and then perform mental calculations, which are undoubtedly a resultant of amplified concentration abilities.

Increased concentration has various benefits for children. To name a few:

·         Improved academic scores

·         Enhanced understanding and thinking

·         Ability to form new and innovative concepts

·         Increased mental arithmetic

·         Better associative memory etc.


This is why those who take the Abacus course have a competitive edge on other students and are more confident in their approach.

To make your child avail the benefits of Abacus, contact Master Mind, an Abacus training institute. The company has been training advanced level of mental math to students since 17 years.


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