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Abacus Class Imbibes Love For Math

Math has always been a compulsory academic subject, but let us be truthful. It's one of those subjects that most people fall in love with or never want to see again. To say there is a love and hate relationship with Math. There is no stage in-between. With the recent hype about the utility of the Abacus, there is a never ending argument about whether the training in an Abacus Class imbibes love for Math.

Those who have fallen on the hate side know that showing up for a high school math test unprepared becomes a nightmare that haunts you even years after graduation. Math is, naturally, an abstract subject, and it is very challenging to wrap your head around, an impossible one if you don't have a good teacher to lead the path.

What Is The Importance of Math?

But even if you are not amongst the many admirers of mathematics, it's hard to defend that it hasn't been a fundamental factor in our fast-paced evolution as a society. We have reached the moon, and we cannot deny the contribution of math in that journey. Math helped us in;

· scratching out the secrets of DNA,  

· gave birth to computers

· Creating electricity and transmitting it over hundreds of miles to power our homes and offices.

However painful it might be for the math haters, the truth is without math; we'd still be living in caves and hunting animals for survival.

Let us use this blog to understand the importance of math and the best way to become a math genius.

The Great Mathematicians

Let us start with our history, rich with mathematicians who helped evolve our collective understanding of math. While many scientists came with time, there are a few exceptional whose brilliant work and intuitions made them shine brighter and longer. The thoughts and discoveries of these brilliant minds continue to echo through the ages, muffled today in our cell phones, satellites, hula hoops and automobiles.

Let us use the stories of these great minds to motivate our kids to become the next math genius;

Let us start with the question; have you heard about the three laws of motion? Our world would have been very different had Newton not been as curious as he was. Other scientists might eventually have worked out most of his ideas over time. However, there is still a chance it would have taken longer, and we might have fallen far behind our current technological capabilities.

While Newton is considered to have made a few of the greatest discoveries of all time, Aryabhat's contribution to the importance of Zero gave wheels to the progressive journey of Maths. The fundamentals of Number theory by Aryabhata, Brahamagupt, and Bhaskar, which Gauss later worked upon, shall be called the greatest mathematician ever. Carl Friedrich Gauss showed the world that he was a brilliant mathematician. He published "Arithmetical Investigations," a foundational textbook that laid out the tenets of number theory (the study of whole numbers). Now you must wonder what good it did. Well, without number theory, you could say goodbye to your computers. Computers operate on a very basic level. This method uses only two digits — 1 and 0. Many of the upgrades we've made in computers for solving problems are done using number theory.

Then comes John von Neumann from the 20th century, a well-timed birth for all of us, wonder why? He is the Mastermind behind nearly every single computer built on the planet. This also includes what you are reading this blog on, whether a phone or computer.

Math Contributes To Our Life

Mathematics is a body of knowledge derived from the contributions of thinkers through the ages and around the globe. This subject helps us in different ways, like understanding patterns, quantifying relationships and predicting the future. It benefits both parties; we use the world to understand math, while math helps us understand the world.

For global understanding and communication, math is a very powerful tool. Students can use it to make sense of the world. It also helps in solving real and complex problems. When you think of math globally, its use is typically more applicable and meaningful for students.

Math content for the student needs to help them get to global competence. In simple words, math helps students;

· communicating and acting in appropriate ways.

· understanding the various perspectives and world conditions,

· realizing that issues across the globe are interconnected.

In layman’s language, this typically means math can help show students how the world is full of situations, events and phenomena that can be tidied up using the right math tools.

So far, we have understood the importance and contributions of math in our lives. But even after agreeing to all of these facts, the question remains: how can we make children math geniuses?

Contribution of Abacus In Making Children Math Genius

Using an Abacus as a calculator is history, but at present, an Abacus class is the best way to indulge your kid in the love of mathematics. Abacus learning creates the unique ability to perform mental Math with precise accuracy and exceptional speed. The speed & accuracy thus enhances confidence in maths several folds which in turn increases the interest of the child in math. With time this indulgence with numbers imbibes love for math in children.

There are several Abacus Promoters across the world. But Mastermind Abacus is not just one of the crowd.

Mastermind Abacus classes are based on finding fun ways to solve complex arithmetic equations. From the basics of the number system to complex problems like cube roots, the Abacus can help you with all this and more.

It has been found that students with proper Abacus training can solve long math problems in seconds and even faster than a calculator.

Under the Mastermind’s guidance, your ward will not think of Abacus classes as a burden but would want it like a treat.  

Any tool used to teach math should add to an understanding of math and the world, and our trainers stay focused on teaching good, precise, sound and appropriate Abacus content and use new teaching methods that work.

With quality Abacus training available on both Offline and Online Abacus Classes, Mastermind and a promoter have been the parent's first choice for years, to be precise, for over two decades.

Enroll in Mastermind Abacus to help your child become the next math genius.

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