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Why Abacus For School?

Abacus For School and Its Importance

The most frequently discussed topic in School parent-teacher meetings is whether Students perform below-par. It is a common observation that the teachers make that the child lacks attention in the class, performance in math is below par and has a below-average recall. It affects the student's performance in all subjects.

The studies have proved that introducing Abacus training does help. Let us understand introducing Abacus for School and its importance in the overall academic performance of students.

Most school-going students face these issues: poor attention, poor concentration, low memory, poor logical thinking abilities, distracting listening and poor recall. Surprisingly, these remain complaints and are not addressed in schools.

Teachers' hard work in teaching students is in vain if they cannot focus and concentrate properly. The child's brain cannot absorb the teacher's information. The brain of the human being is intelligent. If it's not concentrated or focused, it engages in other activities, leading to poor concentration and focus. A child's brain absorbs 20% of the content and loses 80% due to insufficient concentration.
Concentration is directly related to memory and listening ability. Children who cannot concentrate properly will not be able to listen carefully to the teacher's instructions. A child with poor concentration will also have a weak memory, which means they won't be able to retain the information for as long as they would like.

Many of us have encountered situations during exams where we could not remember the answer to a question even though we knew it well. We also remember the answer after the exam. It results in a loss of marks. Poor recall is the main reason for forgetfulness.

Everything we learn is by relating to objects. It is possible to connect objects and things. For example, if someone speaks of a pen or a notebook, it is possible to imagine these things right in front of our eyes. We can picture a ship if someone says it. However, mathematics is a subject that kids cannot relate to, which leads to disinterest. It can eventually lead to math phobia.

So, what can be the solution? The solution, of course, can be any activity that can help in brain exercise that helps improve memory, recall and concentration. As also mentioned earlier Abacus Training can make a remarkable contribution in whole brain development and enhanced academic performance.

Abacus Learning Is The Solution To A Student’s Problems

An ancient calculator, Abacus, is the simple answer to all these problems. Our ancestors originally used Abacus to do calculations. Later Abacus training was developed for children two decades ago and was recognized as a brain-development program. Numerous studies have confirmed the science behind Abacus and cemented the claim that Abacus learning is the solution to a student’s problems.

How The Brain Works and The Effects of Abacus Training?

You can divide the human brain into two parts or hemispheres. The left hemisphere is also known as the left brain or the logical brain. The right hemisphere, or the right brain, is often called the creative brain. Both hemispheres have different responsibilities. The left brain, or the logical brain, is responsible for the number, counting, and identification of black and white. The right brain, or the creative, is responsible for creativity and imagination.

In 90% of cases, the brain's active hemisphere is the left. The training process involved in learning to use the Abacus triggers whole brain development by activating both hemispheres. The result is exceptional concentration, visual memory, logic and recall, and excellent listening ability. Overall, the result is improved performance.

The Right Age to Start Abacus Education

Age is a factor in the success of Abacus education and its effects on holistic brain development. It's best to start with children between 6 and 15 years old. Brain development, or creating new brain cells, ceases after age 15. Therefore, children should be introduced to Abacus learning  at this age and benefit from holistic brain activation.

Should The Curriculum Include Abacus For School?

The answer to this is yes. Students can benefit from attending private Abacus Training Centers that offer abacus classes. But, this wonderful program is not available to most students. Two of the main reasons are lack of financial resources and time constraints. If Abacus education is included in the school curriculum, students from the first through seventh grades will be able to benefit from Abacus learning at an affordable cost. Teachers can teach Abacus during regular school hours if introduced into the curriculum.

Which Brand To Choose?

Mastermind Abacus Education has excellent school tie-up opportunities. They provide the necessary materials and training for school faculty members to conduct abacus classes. The School completes two levels of Abacus each year, while the entire eight-level course takes four years. Every year, students receive certificates after passing each level exam. Mastermind Abacus also launched the first-ever live online Abacus learning platform.

Mastermind's - School Proposal For Abacus Classes

Mastermind has an exclusive School proposal for Abacus classes. They offer Offline Abacus Classes and Online Abacus Classes.

The Details of The Proposal

Offline Abacus Classes 

Mastermind will provide training to the teachers nominated by the School for class conduction in the School. Other Benefits are:

1. Company provides Training Kit & Students Study material.
2. Facilities for Online and Offline exams and Certification are made available.
3. All registered students get a Students App  
4. The School will get access to the Student management and training portal
5. Downloading an unlimited number of practice worksheets will be accessible.
6. The School does not have to pay any per student Royalty.

Online Abacus Classes 

Mastermind has developed an E-learning Portal for Abacus Teachers Training & Online Abacus Class conduction which the School can access free of cost. The other facilities with this portal are :  
1. Every registered Abacus student gets an individual Login ID for a students panel
2. Online Training for teachers through Teachers Portal.
3. Provide Training Kit & Students Study material.
5. The portal facilitates online assigning Class work, Homework & real-time evaluation.
6. Inbuilt facility for conduction of Online Exam and Certification.
7. Access to Student management and training portal
8. Unlimited download of Abacus practice worksheets.
9. No per student royalty

Mastermind Abacus aims to offer every child the chance to learn Abacus through its school programs.

Click here to learn more about Mastermind's School proposal for Abacus Classes.

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