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Why Abacus Education Is Necessary For Schools?

Why Abacus education is necessary for schools, or why Abacus for Schools? Before I answer this question, I have a question for you. Do you know which are the most commonly discussed issues in school parent-teacher meetings? It is a below-par performance by several students.

Well, across our country, this is common. The most discussed issues or topics in PTMs remain lack of attention in class, poor performance in mathematics, and poor recall. It reflects in the student's overall performance in all the subjects. Lack of attention, low concentration levels, feeble memory, lack of logical thinking abilities, distracted listening, and poor recall are the commonly faced issues by most school-going children. Surprisingly, these are never addressed in schools. Without proper focus or concentration, the hard work done by teachers in teaching the student goes in vain as nothing taught is absorbed by the brain. The human brain is an intelligent organ, and if not focused or concentrated starts engaging itself automatically on other activities and things, resulting in poor concentration; as a result, the student does not focus on whatever is taught in the class and hence only 20% of the content is absorbed in the child's brain and remaining 80% dilutes down due to lack of concentration.

Listening ability and memory are direct reflections of concentration. If the child is not concentrating correctly, they do not listen attentively to what the teacher is saying in the class. Poor concentration also results in weak memory; thus, the child cannot retain what is taught for a longer time.

Most of us have one time or the other come across a situation during our exams when we failed to recall the answer to a particular question, although we had learned it well. On top of that, we remember the answer later when the exam is over, costing us deductions in marks. The poor recall is a common problem and is because of poor recall.

Our education system has been designed so that everything taught to us from the beginning is through objects. We can connect things taught to an object. Like, if someone says an apple, we can imagine an apple in front of our eyes. If someone says a car, we can imagine the car, but when it comes to mathematics, these are always numbers that a kid cannot connect with any object resulting in disinterest in the subject. It ultimately can lead to math phobia.

Abacus Education - The Solution To The Student's Problems 

The simple solution to all the above problems is an ancient calculating device, Abacus. It was used earlier as a tool for doing calculations. Two decades back, Abacus training was identified as a whole brain development program for kids. Several studies went on to prove the science behind Abacus.

Talking of brain development, it is imperative to understand the term first, and in doing that, we should know how the human brain functions.

The human brain can be divided into two parts or hemispheres. The left hemisphere or left brain, or as they call it, the logical brain and the right hemisphere or right brain is commonly called the creative brain. Different responsibilities have been assigned to both the hemispheres of the human brain. This is indicative of the name given to the hemispheres. The left or the logical brain is responsible for logic, number, counting, and identifying black and white colors. The right or the creative brain is responsible for creativity, art, identification of colors, thinking, imagination, concentration, and recall.
Predominantly only one hemisphere of the human brain is more active, which in 90% of cases is the left hemisphere. Abacus education at the proper age triggers whole brain development by activating both the hemispheres, thus, resulting in excellent concentration, photographic memory, logic, visualization, recall, and listening ability. The outcome is overall improved performance.

Right Age To Start Abacus Education 

Abacus education and its results in terms of holistic brain development are age-dependent. It is best seen if it is initiated in kids between 6 to 15 years of age. This is because the brain development or the process of generating new brain cells, the neurons cease after the age of 15 years. Hence, there is no scope for brain development post that age. Thus, the ideal age for kids to learn Abacus and benefit from holistic brain activation is from class 1 to class 7.

Should Abacus Be Included In Schools In Their Curriculum? 

Many students get the advantage by joining abacus classes run by private Abacus Training centers. But, most school kids are deprived of this wonderful program. Affordability & lack of time are two of the prime reasons for that. Abacus education, if introduced in the school curriculum as a regular subject, all the kids from class first to seventh of that school will get the advantage of Abacus learning at a very affordable price which is negligible compared to the fee charged by private abacus centers. If introduced as a curriculum, Abacus can be taught at regular school timings by the school teachers only.

Mastermind Offers Abacus Classes For Schools

Mastermind Abacus is one such company that has excellent school tie-up options. They train the school faculties for conducting the abacus classes and provide requisite material for the same. Two levels of the Abacus are completed every year in the school, and the entire course of eight levels of the Abacus is completed in four years. After every level exam, the students are awarded certificates every year.

Moreover, Mastermind Abacus has introduced the world's first live online Abacus learning platform. This is very handy for the schools if they would like to set up Online Abacus classes.

Mastermind Abacus is trying to provide the opportunity of abacus learning to every child through its school proposals. For more information about Abacus learning with Mastermind Abacus, click here.

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