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How To Learn Abacus Maths

How to learn Abacus Math? The answer is to meet an expert and join the Abacus Class. Train rigorously for 8 levels of 3 months each.

Do not go by hearsay; although there are several learning videos available on the internet, trying to learn Abacus online without the help of a Trained teacher will only prove futile.

Mastermind Abacus - The Pioneer Abacus Training Company 

Mastermind Abacus is the best place to start learning how to use and learn Abacus Math. Mastermind Abacus is more than an Abacus training institution. We are educators and innovators constantly striving to improve our Abacus teaching methods for your child. Don't hesitate to contact us if you are unsure about how your child can learn Abacus or if you have questions about teaching Abacus to your children. We are here to help you with all of your questions and overcome any inhibitions you may have about sending your children to us. We have over 2000 Abacus centers worldwide across 16 countries, backed up by an experience of more than two decades.

Mastermind - Online Abacus Programs 

Our Online Abacus program is a great way to teach children. The program is available online, so kids don't have to travel far to benefit. Your child can participate in our online Abacus classes and learn more about the Abacus concept. You will witness your child's transformation.

Mastermind has created the world's 1st live online Abacus E-learning program. Every child registering gets a free App.

About The Abacus Tool 

The Abacus tool that children are familiarized with at the beginning of the training can be detailed as below:

A) The Abacus comprises two parts: the upper deck and the lower deck.
B) Each deck consists of several vertical rods with a specific number of beads.
C) Each vertical rod on the upper deck contains 1 bead, while the lower ones contain 4 beads.
D) All upper deck beads are valued at 5, and lower deck beads at 1.
E) A horizontal bar divides the Abacus frame into two sections.
F) Every bead that touches the horizontal bar attains a value.

With an understanding of the Abacus tool, let us say precision is required for the Abacus to be used with proficiency. To help children use the beads correctly, they must be taught the right finger techniques for moving the beads.
Besides the physical Abacus, an online/virtual Abacus is also available for trainees. Virtual Abacus is an online representation of the physical Abacus, where kids can use the computer keyboard to move the beads as they would on the physical Abacus. Our Abacus classes also include the use of an online Abacus.

Visualization of The Physical Abacus - A Virtual Imaginary Abacus 

Instead of using a tool that is physically handled, children are taught how to visualize and create mental images of the Abacus. The earlier stages of the Abacus teach finger techniques for moving the beads. The same is later used to help the children use the virtual imaginary Abacus that they learn to visualize. Children must simultaneously use their left and right brains to complete complex calculations using the virtual Abacus. Combining the calculation process with finger movement promotes brain development. The process helps children become more proficient at solving math problems, which increases their self-worth and confidence.

Are You Ready To Witness Your Child Transform? 

Sending your child to learn the nitty-gritty of the best use of the Abacus Tool is a great idea. But, your child must be in the best Abacus Classes.

Please register your child in our Online Abacus Classes and witness a miraculous transformation in your child's mathematical abilities, concentration, confidence, and academic excellence.

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