Teacher and Student Abacus


Student Abacus and Teacher Abacus

The term "Abacus" refers to a primitive device using both fingers to perform arithmetic calculations. Merchants used the Abacus instrument to calculate the trade price in countries such as China, Japan, Thailand, and Korea.

In the last 20 years, Abacus has been used to train students to perform Mental Math. The training requires two types of Abacus tools, a Student Abacus and Teacher Abacus. The students use the Student Abacus for learning Abacus and the 2nd the Teacher Abacus for imparting training to the students. The operations on both tools remain the same. The only difference is in the size of the Abacus frame.

The Teacher Abacus is big and usually hung on the wall or a board to enable the Teacher to demonstrate the operations. 

The Student Abacus is a miniature of the Teacher Abacus. The size is small and can be held in the palm. The students place it on their desks while operating it.

Structure of Abacus Tool 

The evolution of the Abacus' structure can be divided into three stages: the Primitive, Ancient and Modern ages.

Premitive Abacus1. Primitive Age

When it was first invented, the primitive Abacus had a horizontal alignment. Pebbles and stones were used to make beads. Stones added weight to the Abacus, limiting its mobility and often leading to losing track of counts. These complexities led to a reduction in the size and number of beads over time.

2. Ancient Age Ancient Abacus

In different ages, Sumerian, Babylonian and Chinese civilizations restructured the primitive Abacus. Abacus has been subject to changes according to cultures. Suan Pan (Chinese) and Soroban (Japanese) are two of the most well-known Abacus from this age.

  3. Modern Age

Soroban (Japanese) Abacus is the most commonly used Abacus Tool in the Modern days. It has a frame made of metal or wood with vertical alignment of rods that allow the bead to move while performing calculations. There are 17 vertical rods. The frame is divided into two decks, the upper deck and the lower deck. The upper deck has one bead, while the lower deck has 4 beads. These beads are moved vertically to perform calculations.

4. The Latest Virtual Abacus Virtual Abacus

With the technological advancements, the hi-tech Virtual Abacus came into existence in the last couple of years. It is a virtual replica of the student Abacus and is operated by the computer's keyboard, Laptop, Tab or even on mobile. It is used in Abacus online classes.  

Abacus Today 

Today, the Abacus is used not just as a calculating device but to enhance brain development and improve mental math skills in students. Several Abacus promoters with numerous Abacus centers impart Abacus training to the students.

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