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Abacus Training in Classroom


Abacus Training For The Love of Math

Abacus has been a very popular after-school activity in recent years. Abacus has proved to help the kids in whole-brain development. Parents have been insisting in enrolling their children for Abacus Training for the love of Math.

Studies have proved that students learning abacus perform better in academics than the other students.

Now raises a question, should abacus training be a part of a student’s school academics?

If yes, how will abacus training get accommodated in the school schedule?

According to the need, studies have always led to re-evaluation and updations in school curriculums. Newer skills are always needed to update the kids.

Why The Kids Need An Abacus?

Some kids learn abacus easily, and some take a little more time. But after getting proper abacus training, everyone can enjoy its benefits.

Apart from improving arithmetic skills, abacus provides many other advantages. We can list them as below:

A) Boosts Self-Confidence

A kid learning abacus is usually exposed to large audiences at national and international Abacus competitions.

These kids get a strong boost in their self-esteem and confidence, which creates confident kids ready for future challenges.

B) Improves Concentration

While learning Abacus, the child also learns to mask any distractions in the surroundings, which boosts their concentration skills and helps them in all the aspects of their academics.

C) Increases Speed and Accuracy In Math

Learning Abacus helps to teach a child to compute at speed with accuracy. Most competitive exams are time-bound; hence Abacus allows your kid to perform better within the time limits.

D) Improves Observation Skills and Listening


As the training moves forward in an Abacus Class, a child who has been learning Abacus math can start processing numbers with just a fleeting look. The child sharpens up their observational skills.

The listening skills also get better as the kids are allowed to hear the numbers only once while training to solve the problems, which teaches them to listen carefully to the questions and improve their listening skills.

E) Enhances Imagination and Visual Skill

Initially during the abacus training, kids perform the calculations on the Abacus tool. Later they are encouraged to use an imaginary virtual abacus in their mind. By just imagining the abacus, they can quickly solve problems.

Once they have mastered this skill, they learn the visualization technique that helps them imagine the Abacus tool in their mind and carry out calculations mentally.

The more the kid starts using this technique, the better their visualization and imagination skills are developed.

F) Enhances Creativity

The improved visualization and imagination skills inspire the child’s creativity because of the training and activation that the abacus gives to the brain.

G) Strengthens Memorizing Power

During the number training and while solving problems, the kids have to remember the positions of the Abacus Beads. The students give the answer based on the final image formed.

Through regular practice, a child’s ability to memorize & recall things improves and promotes the development of a photographic memory.

H) Lays A Strong Academic Foundation

When your kid attains all of the above parameters. Abacus training becomes a strong foundation for them to outshine in their academics.

I) Reduces Anxiety and Stress

Abacus training stimulates brain activities, leading to a break in anxiety levels.

Therefore, the more the child enjoys using the Abacus, the happier they are, reducing stress levels.

J) Improves Gross Motor Skills

The children use both their hands and fingers to move the beads of the Abacus. This movement of the beads helps the child develop their gross motor skills. It also triggers the whole brain development.

K) The Child Gains Analytical Skills

While a child solves an arithmetical problem with the help of an abacus, they are also sharpening their analytical skills. These analytical skills can be later used in different situations in life.

Many countries around the globe use an abacus to teach basic calculations. Several schools, especially in Asia, use the Abacus as an additional tool for learning math in both primary and secondary classes.

It’s been proven the most efficient method for young kids to learn mental math.

Abacus Training does not only help with the basic calculations like addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication and helps in effective counting of decimal points, negative numbers, etc.

While a small percentage of lucky children find it easy to solve math problems, most children find numbers and math very difficult!. Learning Abacus in an in-person or an online Abacus class is one of the best ways to improve mathematical skills and number fluency.

Abacus also helps develop an interest and passion in math for many students by enhancing their confidence and understanding. Moreover, learning Abacus is also having fun.

We all know that students mostly prefer the subjects they perform well in!

Hence, Mastermind Abacus has made it a mission to make the students fall in love with math.

Many parents might think it is difficult or almost impossible for their child to enjoy math. But we have proven results from over two decades of promoting Abacus education. Mastermind Abacus gives an additional option of Online Abacus Classes and conventional Abacus classes.

Learning Abacus Math is the key for all students facing math phobia. Abacus training has helped me overcome this fear of math.

Another factor that strongly emerges is the need for Abacus Training for teachers who could provide adequate Abacus education to the aspiring Students. Mastermind Abacus provides better than the best Abacus Training facilities for teachers. An aspiring teacher can opt for either Online Abacus Training or offline.

It’s an enhancement tool for mental math operations that helps solve math from the very basic to the complex problems.

It is your chance to make your child the math champion of your class.

So, Book a free demo today!

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