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Starting An Abacus Franchise Things You Should Know

Today, Abacus Franchise is one of the fastest-growing education Franchise options that bring you regular revenue. But as the demand grows, so does the competition; this is why many Abacus promoters are rising every day.

The abacus franchise is not just a business but a highly valued service in society.

As you start your abacus center, you will begin with training in your neighborhood. The first thing you will need is your goodwill. You must make sure that the training you provide is the best .this will help to protect your goodwill. 

If you are passionate about starting your abacus classes, make sure to evaluate the key factors given below;


The biggest challenge is Identifying the right Abacus franchise provider for you. You must acknowledge that Abacus training is not a short-term model. So you make sure that the franchisor has experience of a considerable period in the business.

Your effort and goodwill are at stake. Hence you must choose a company that has fulfilled its prior commitments and has not left any operation incomplete.

Select a vendor with excellent brand value in your local area and around the country, if not across the globe.


Support of the Franchisors is crucial in all the training businesses. You are most probably new in this business; hence you would require adequate guidance. You will need;

Initially, a supportive team ensures that all your queries are proactively listened to and replied to. 

At a later stage, you will need support for marketing, continuous improvement of the syllabus, constant upgrades support, software support, innovative measures, etc.

A dedicated system that listens to you and helps resolve franchise inquiries.

If your franchisor is a good one, they provide all this support, laying a strong foundation for your business. And you will also feel like part of a supportive and creative team.

But the obvious question that lingers here is how you would know about the support before taking up the abacus franchise.?

The answer is that all the big brands established in the national and international markets have all the details of the services listed on their website. Please study carefully.


You buy what you see. Hence the quality of the student material is one of the things the parents are highly judgemental about. 

Mostly the internationally reputed Abacus companies provide student kits, consisting of an Abacus bag, printed textbooks, an Abacus Tool, practice materials, Branded T-shirts, Pencils and Erasers, etc.

These abacus franchisees might be costlier. But, a low-quality student kit on Day 1 will ruin your impression for both the parent and students.

Many Abacus vendors only provide an Abacus tool and a few photocopied Abacus worksheets in student kits. But it is your choice what you want for your students and your reputation.

Hence, before buying an Abacus franchise, the least you can do is check the student kit that the vendor provides.


When you start the abacus institute, the abacus trainers are going to be your most important investment, especially if you have no clue how an abacus works or how to perform calculations on an abacus. You do not need complete training for all the levels of the Abacus. 

So, while choosing the Abacus brand, ensure they provide appropriate teachers' training, which will make things easier for you. Most franchisors charge high fees for the teacher's Abacus training, but you can avoid this problem by selecting a reputed brand that provides free training. 

To be more confident and have self-reliance, you can first get the abacus training.


Not directly related to training, but equally important. While the abacus is an ancient practice, the abacus franchise should not be. The abacus franchise you choose should be technologically updated and provide the latest training cultures.

You shall not be left behind at any cost. Abacus is a leading education Franchise business; you will always have to provide quality service both online and on offline platforms.


Many franchisors may charge you fees under several heads, like teachers' training fees, marketing kit fees, quarterly or annual maintenance fees, franchise renewal fees, etc. this hikes the upfront Abacus Franchise Cost. So it is very important to make a transparent deal and clear everything beforehand. 

Most of the fees are justifiable and real, but sometimes it is possible that you walk into a trap and end up spending a lot of money. Hence be careful before signing the contract. And if you have any confusion about anything, in particular, do not hesitate to ask the franchisor.


Royalty is very important in any franchising business. The current market value that most of the leading Abacus vendors are offering is 10- 20%, and anything beyond that is unacceptable. Many abacus companies even provide premium quality Abacus franchises without any royalty charges.

Therefore, you must think well before making any decisions.

Mastermind Abacus is an international brand providing Abacus franchises all around the globe. We provide premium service and 24x7 support, with no royalty and hidden charges. Backed up by 23 years of experience in Abacus education. Present in 16 countries. Having over 2000 Abacus Franchise associates.

We offer four-dimensional earning options to our Abacus Franchise 

  1. In-person Offline Traditional Abacus Class

  2. Online Abacus Class (Live Online Abacus e-Learning Platform)

  3. School Tie-ups

  4. Game-based math program for kids - Ling Bingo

Make the right decision. Associate with the best Abacus training company.

Raise a Franchise inquiry and get all relevant details for further processing.

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