Blog : An Abacus Franchise A Great Education Business To Start

An Abacus Franchise A Great Education Business To Start

An Abacus Franchise, A Great Education Business To Start


An Abacus Franchise, A Great Education Business To Start

I would like to share interesting statistics with my readers, especially the ones planning to start an Education Franchise. Of the several after school education franchise options, you will be surprised that over 2500 entrepreneurs search for Abacus Franchise alone Globally and out of that 1900 in India alone.

Why this massive search in India for an Abacus Franchise:

- There is a huge demand from the parents for Abacus Classes because they are convinced that Abacus training can make their kids smarter and help them perform better in Academics. This demand for Abacus classes is seen all over the country.

- The mesmerizing speed at which the kids can perform Mental math after getting training in Abacus, has a ripple effect. The other children also want to learn Abacus Math and be able to outsmart their peers. Although Abacus training involves a period of over two to two and half years, the parents do succumb to the kid's pressure. This is another group of parents who, although reluctantly, look for Abacus classes.

- History suggests that we Indians are inherently good with numbers as compared to other parts of the world. We are fond of math. It has been observed that any learning program that can further help in enhancing the mathematical ability of a child, is accepted very easily by the Indian parents. This we can say is the third group of parents who are looking for Abacus Classes.

- Last but not least, there is a fourth group of parents who just want to enroll their child in an Abacus class because the neighbour's child is undergoing Abacus training.

Well, all said and done to conclude, there is a huge demand for Abacus institutes across the length and breadth of India, in several Asian countries and this demand is also seen in the Western countries where the Indian population is in abundance.

The study shows that the parents have been using these two phrases most commonly when it comes to searching Abacus on the internet, viz. 'Abacus Classes near me' and Abacus Online Classes. The number of searches is almost equal for both. This is a clear indication that half of the parents of kids between 5 to 14 are looking for Online Abacus Classes.

No wonder, so many entrepreneurs are looking to find the right Abacus Promoter to associate with. Let me tell you this is a challenge. Do you know why? Because over 2500 companies are promoting Abacus education and it certainly is not easy to select the most suitable one.

So, what should you be looking for when you have decided to start Abacus Franchise Center?

In the present scenario, the parents are looking for Abacus Training centers with options of both Abacus Offline classes and Abacus Online Classes. It becomes obvious that you make a choice where you get these options.

The next important requirement for running a center successfully is the Abacus teacher's training. It should have the best standards, easy to get with extra expenses incurred in travelling by the Abacus Franchise. That is to say, the franchisor should be giving you training live but online with certification.

Next, adequate and timely services are very important for operating an Abacus Class successfully.

Not to forget the study materials. These must be covering all levels with Abacus workbooks or sheets for practice. The touch & feel should also be good.

In this hi-tech era, the company should also be providing an online support system of center management inclusive of enrollment, attendance, fee collection, dues management, accounts management, stock management etc.

In case when you go for conducting Online Abacus Classes, the franchisor should provide you with an integrated Platform from where the teacher can be present virtually live for every student to be given the instructions most effectively and also be able to monitor the students.

Lastly, the upfront Franchise fee is to be paid for taking up the franchise center. Every Abacus promoter charges some amount as a franchise fee. You need to compare the Abacus Franchise cost before you decide to register as an Abacus Franchise with any company.

The goodwill and reputation of the company are also equally important when you make the final decision of associating with any company.

Mastermind Abacus pioneer in Abacus Education Promoters

Having said all the facts above, the best choice for you to start an Abacus Franchise would be Mastermind Abacus. We are an Education company that has been promoting Abacus education for over two decades across 16 plus countries. We have over 2000 Abacus Franchise centers globally.

Why be a Mastermind Abacus Franchise?

  1. 4 Dimensional earning options

Associating with Mastermind Abacus As a Franchise gives you a distinct advantage over other existing Abacus centers. Here you get an option for 4 dimensional earning with no extra costs involved. You get to run your own Abacus Franchise Center, you get the option to enroll students for Online Abacus Classes, giving you access to reach global students and also you can set up Abacus Labs in schools which could be either online or offline. 

  1. No Royalty

Interestingly there is no per student royalty to be paid. Your training for all 8 levels as a Franchise comes free. The Only investment on your part is the up-front Franchise fee for the Abacus center.

  1. Offline & Free Online Teachers Abacus Training 

We have raised the bar of training quality to a level where we are considered the benchmark in Abacus training. With the introduction of the Online Abacus Platform, we have been able to develop an Online Abacus Training system for all teachers.

  1. World's first Live Online Abacus E-Learning Platform

Mastermind Abacus is the only Abacus promoter to have introduced the world's first Live Online Abacus E-Learning Platform. This platform is exclusively loaded with all the tools required for conducting an effective Online Abacus Class and an Abacus learning platform for the students. Although it is an online system, its integrated video conferencing window makes teaching and learning as good as an in-person one to one classroom. 

  1. Math-based video games

The lessons are in the form of animated videos and the classwork & homework are math-based video games that a student has to play. In the process, they also learn Abacus Math interestingly and engagingly.

Decide today. You now have the best Abacus Franchise option in Mastermind Abacus, and it is a great education business to start. 

To reach us just fill out the franchise inquiry form. You would be contacted and can get the requisite information.



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