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Mastermind Abacus Online Class


Mastermind Abacus Online Class

Are you one of those parents searching for an Abacus online class near your home for your child?

Also, does the abacus class in your local area provide the best quality abacus training for your child? 

Or are you compromising, just for the sake of saving that extra time and money on transportation?

If you are, let me remind you that the abacus is not just a hobby but science that helps develop your child’s brain. 

Learning Abacus develops skills that help the child to stand out from the crowd and ace in their academics. 

So compromising with their abacus class can be the same as compromising with their future.

Do you really want your kid to enjoy the benefits offered by learning abacus?  

If the answer is yes, you must know that you have a lot of options and that making the right decision is essential.

But worry not, because Mastermind has brought for you the world’s First Live Abacus Online E-Learning platform with an interactive portal.  

Abacus online class of Mastermind will help your child learn while playing games and sitting in the comfort of your home.

But can abacus online classes be better than offline classes? If yes, then how?

Let us find out;

Now if you happen to live in an area where Abacus classes are just not available, you don’t really have a lot of choices.

There can be many factors that might be important for you and will weigh in on your decision to choose an abacus class. The list below is a good start to help you in deciding the right option.

a) Availability of Abacus Center- If Abacus Mental Math Learning Centers are not available in your area, you can opt for an abacus online class. Distance and availability are never an issue.   

b) An Abacus online class saves time-   If you want to go for offline abacus classes you might need to visit many centers before selecting the best one. Also, one of the main reasons why some students are unable to complete the course is the time it takes to travel back and forth to the abacus center throughout the course. But with an online platform, you can save up on travel time. 

c) An Abacus online class helps in coping with the pace- In a regular in-person abacus class there is no control over the pace of the training as the teacher has to move on a set schedule. But with live interactive classes, you can re-learn the lessons in case of difficulty. 

d) Better attention- In offline classes, your ward will only get limited attention. This happens because usually, the offline abacus classes are working in a group. But, in an online class, your ward will get personalized attention from the teacher.

e) Regular Feedback- The feedback from teachers in offline classes is limited. But with online mode, you can get instant feedback and work on them accordingly.

f) Results- The results are always better when the kids enjoy their learning experience. The abacus training process in in-person classes sometimes gets monotonous. The kids get bored and lose interest. This results in dropouts in mid of the course. Abacus online classes have interesting animated learning videos and math-based games. This makes it very interesting and engaging.

g) Attendance- You pay so much for your child’s Abacus classes and so it pains a lot when the student has to miss a class. You may even struggle with scheduling makeup classes. The online mode of learning abacus gives you the flexibility to adjust your schedule during sickness, vacations, etc.

h) Time of completion- Abacus online class is specifically designed for the best results with transformation in time.

i) Your attention- when your kid learns outside you don’t always know how to help them at home? But in an abacus online class, you can pay attention to your child’s learning process and hence know exactly how to help them.

What do Mastermind Online Classes offer?

Mastermind Online Abacus Classes offer you;

1. A comprehensive curriculum.

2. Tutorials for each lesson. 

3. Math games with different levels to make the Abacus classes more fun and interesting.

4. Interactive portals so that your kid gets instant feedback.

5. Unlimited Abacus worksheets for practice.

6. A Virtual Abacus to support whenever there is any difficulty. 

7. The technology in an online abacus class grabs the attention of the kids. This makes learning easier. 

What to take?

The traditional in-person method of teaching abacus is effective and works well. Walking with the technology with a live abacus online class is an up-gradation to this old practice. 

Mastermind Abacus has developed the world’s first live online abacus classes with an interactive portal. 

Compared to the other online classes, our live abacus classes are technologically advanced. 

We offer advantages like games-based learning, the live guidance of a teacher, availability of 24x7 support of a Virtual Abacus, etc.

Before you make a decision Book a free demo and get the first-hand experience.   

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