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Abacus Online Classes By Mastermind Abacus

There are no doubts whatsoever about the multiple benefits derived by the children from learning Abacus. It is a well-known fact that learning Abacus, in addition to improving mental math ability also enhances the overall academic performance of the child.

There were over 20,000 Abacus classes providing Abacus training to the students in India alone. The ‘Corona Pandemic’ brought a break in the continuity, as every Abacus training class had to be closed down.

Several enthusiastic and concerned Abacus trainers took this as a responsibility and an opportunity. They started their individual Abacus Online Classes.

Their process of conducting these Abacus Classes was dependent upon the free video conferencing tools. They followed the same process as that in a physical classroom. Just added a video camera and did a live telecast.

Introduction of Abacus Online Classes by Mastermind brought about a revolution the E- Teaching process and effectiveness of Abacus Teaching and learning.

There were certain difficulties in Abacus Online Classes conducted through Video Conferencing Apps. Let us discuss them.

Difficulties In Conducting Online Abacus Classes vise Video Conferencing Apps 

a) Monitoring Finger movements 

Using video conferencing Apps sounds logical, but this process is too clumsy to deliver the expected results. Particularly the kids found it difficult to learn correct finger movements on the Abacus tool.

This major reason being the teacher could not monitor or guide the students properly.

Moreover, every time adjusting the camera became impractical for both the teachers and the students.

b) Checking of worksheets 

This became another challenge. The children had to send snapshots of their answer sheets for checking. The teacher had to take a print of it, check it and send back a snapshot to the particular student.

The students had to wait for the next scheduled class for learning to rectify their errors.  This also added to the additional task of taking prints.

c) Queries became interference in the progress of the Classes. 

If a student raises any query during a class, the teacher has to clear the doubts but at the cost of the class being interrupted. This invariably affected the progress of the normal class.

d) Since the hardware used by most of the teachers was an Android Mobile, the size of the class had to be very limited. Monitoring every student was a clumsy procedure. The teacher would often be out of focus on the screen.

Abacus Online Classes the Challenges 

An alternative option of making Abacus Online Classes a practical and effective possibility was being strongly felt by one and all. But to be realistic, it was not very easy to create a full-proof platform that could be as effective as a physical Abacus Class. It required:

1. Creating an online teaching platform or virtual platform that would be able to deliver the content as effectively as in a one-to-one Abacus Class.

2. to make it user-friendly and engaging for the students.

3. to ensure that it was convenient for the teacher to make the Online Class effective for every student.

4. to have an integrated video conferencing window that could allow two-way communication. It should enable the teacher to monitor the activities of the student particularly while performing the finger movements on the Abacus Tool.

5. to have lessons in video form that could ease the understanding of the students. It should also be able to enhance speed and accuracy in mental arithmetic calculations.

6. to produce enough interesting methods to motivate the students to practice at home.

7. to be able to generate worksheets online for regular practice by the students.

8. to develop a system to conduct online tests and a real-time evaluation process.

Realistic or not, this was the only option that could fill the void. An effective online learning Platform could once again enable the already enrolled students to restart their Abacus Classes.

An Abacus Online Classes could also for the first time give an opportunity for several interested students in the remote areas. they could also start learning Abacus from wherever they are located, without moving out.

Abacus Online Classes for students and online Abacus Training for teachers is the only option to ensure continuity in Abacus Education.

World's First Live Online Abacus E-Learning Platform 

Student Attending Online Abacus Class

Mastermind Abacus is a pioneer company in Abacus education for over 2 decades, operating in more than 16 countries.

Mastermind Abacus with its team of Teachers and Software developers successfully created The World's First Live Online Abacus E-Learning Platform.

It is a full-proof learning platform. It also has the features to enable effective conduction of Abacus Online Classes :

- This Platform comes with an integrated video conferencing window. It is loaded with interesting & animated learning Videos of the lessons. These are to be used under the guidance of a live teacher only.

- It has a separate Teachers Panel that allows the teacher to get Online Abacus Teacher Training from the company.

- The teacher's Panel allows the trainer to conduct Abacus Online Classes for the students from his/her home.

- It enables the Teacher to assign classwork and homework, conduct tests, evaluate in real-time, issue mark sheets and Certificates, share videos, etc.

- It comes with a video conferencing window that allows the teacher to be virtually present with every student attending the Online Abacus Class.

- This Platform also has an exclusive Students Panel, enabling them to get access to the Abacus Online Classes.

- All Classwork and Homework content is in the form of math video games. This makes it highly interesting and engaging for the students.

- It also has a digital Abacus or a Virtual Abacus that can be accessed 24x7 guide by the student if they get stuck in any of the questions during their practice sessions. This Virtual Abacus performs the sum with finger movement.


If you do not have an Abacus centre near your home, you need not worry. You can now enroll your child in Abacus Online Classes by Mastermind Abacus Classes.

You can rest assured that the learning of your child would be as effective as that in a physical offline Abacus class. For a firsthand experience of the Live Online Abacus Class, click here for a  Book Free Demo Class.

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