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Virtual Online Abacus Classes, The Myth Shattered. Want To Start Your Own?

Technology Integrated With Abacus Makes Online Abacus Classes A Possibility

We are ready to formally launch the Mastermind Abacus E-Learning Platform by the 15th of Aug 2021, the Independence Day of India.

Technology Integrated with Abacus makes Online Abacus Classes a possibility. Mastermind Abacus has broken the myth and made Abacus Online Classes an effective mode for teaching or learning Abacus.

Abacus Teaching and Learning will no more be a privilege of the Urban area only. Even if you are in the world's remotest part, you can start your Abacus Online Classes like any of your counterparts in the cities.

Talk to anyone aware of the Abacus and its learning process; it is challenging to convince that abacus learning, and teaching could be possible through virtual classes. They would not agree that Abacus Training Online could be equally effective as any conventional Abacus classroom teaching.

Importance of Abacus For A Student 

The Education Fraternity and the Parents/Guardians recognize the importance of Abacus training in promoting whole brain development, enhancing mental math, speeding up their calculation abilities, augmenting their concentration, and improving their visualization ability.

The problem is it has not been easily accessible to many. The reason is that while Abacus Academy or Trained Faculties were available in the major cities, the smaller towns lacked their presence, depriving many who wanted to train their kids in Abacus Math and give them a competitive edge in their future academics.

The Pandemic Effect On Abacus Institutes

We have been promoting Abacus Education for over two decades and are present in over 16 countries through our trained faculties and over 2000 Abacus Institutes.
My entire think tank never imagined a situation when teaching Abacus through conventional normal classrooms could no more be possible. As we all know of the Global pandemic due to Covid 19, the conventional education system came to a halt, and so did Abacus teaching and learning as the students stopped coming to the Abacus Centers.

Not only all our associates and teachers but over 10,000 Abacus-trained teachers worldwide were looking for solutions that could help the revival of the Abacus Centers and bring back the students. And, of course, others were planning to start their own Abacus Franchisee Centers but had to stall their idea.

The Online Abacus Learning Platform – A challenge

The need for an Online Abacus Learning platform was felt by many. It was also evident that the most commonly searched phrase on Google was 'Abacus Classes near me’. But there were huge challenges in creating an Online Abacus Learning and Teaching Platform. The requirement was to have an Online Abacus Learning and Teaching Platform that should:

1. Be easy to use/operate by the Students without hassles and be varied; rather, it should be very interesting.

2. Be able to give all the features of conventional Abacus Classes, like constant teacher presence, one-to-one interaction, active participation of students, getting guidance when needed, etc.

3. Facilitate training and monitor the correct finger movements on the Abacus tool.

4. Allow the students to train for Abacus mental math.

5. Allow the Abacus Teacher to monitor the performance and progress of every student.

6. Enable real-time checking of Classwork, Homework and also let the students know their scores.

7. Provide a Virtual Assistant (a virtual teacher to help the students solve a sum if they get stuck) while doing their Homework or solving a sum.

The Revolutionary Live Online Abacus E-Learning Platform

Only a few such options are available to meet all these requirements for an effective Online Abacus Learning Platform. Rather than be very specific, there were none. We created the Mastermind Abacus, the most advanced Abacus E-Learning Platform. It has all the facilities required by an Abacus Trainer or a student.

The Features of The Mastermind Abacus E-Learning Platform Can Be Listed Below 

1. The Lessons

All lessons of every level are easy visuals where sums are solved, depicting through right finger movements on the Abacus Instrument, to ensure effective learning by the students. The teacher shares these learning lessons with the students as per the schedule.

2. Practice

All the practice lessons are in games. They are in the form of innovative, interesting Math Video Games. To score points in the game, the students must solve the sums on their Abacus or mentally input the answers.
The advantages are, firstly, the students enjoy playing the games, and the Abacus Class never becomes monotonous. They wait for the next class. Secondly, the interesting learning process ensures that dropouts are far fewer here, as seen in conventional classes.

3. Students Panel

A panel is accessible to all registered Students of Mastermind Abacus. This Panel has two parts, the first one being from where they can do all the learning, and the other is the Video Conferencing Screen which allows them to communicate with their teacher. From this Panel, the students can

a) see the lesson videos shared by their teacher and learn.

b) do the classwork assigned by the teacher

c) do the Home assignments given by the teacher

d) participate in the exams.

e) practice.

f) resolve their problems by directly communicating with their teacher during the class.

g) see the marks or points they obtained in their Classwork, Homework, and Practice and the points allotted by the teacher.

h) Access Virtual Abacus – This readily available assistant will help the students find a solution if they are stuck at any sum. It is a virtual abacus which is a digital abacus tool very similar to a student's Abacus. While doing an exercise, if a wrong answer is submitted, the option of taking the help of Virtual Abacus appears.

i.) Get Certificates – The students can download their Certificates after the successful completion of every level.

j.) Access The Book – The students can download and get a print of all the classwork, Homework, and Practice lessons.

4. Teachers Panel

The exclusive Teacher's Panel allows the teachers to teach the students from home, using their Laptop or PC, through the internet. This Panel has two parts, one that allows the teacher to teach and share educational videos; the other is a Video conferencing Screen that allows the teacher to be able to see and be accessible to the students.

From This Panel, An Abacus Teacher

a) can share preloaded learning lesson videos for the students to see and learn the fundamentals.
b) can assign Class Work to the students after every lesson video.
c) can assign Homework
d) can conduct exams after every level.
e) can do Certification – The teacher can issue certificates to students after completion of every level.
f) can communicate and observe the students and their activities through the video conferencing option; they can communicate with and guide them as and when needed.
g) Gets access to several options like Training, Admin, etc., to allow the teacher to manage Fee Status, get training from the company as and when required, and be in constant touch with the Company personnel.

Advantages of The Revolutionary Abacus E-Learning Platform

1. To learn Abacus through this online platform, one only requires an Abacus Instrument and a broadband internet connection. No infrastructure, no franchise fee & no overhead expenses. Register Register, get Trained, and become an Abacus Teacher. This is an additional earning option when anyone registers as a Mastermind Abacus Franchise for Offline Abacus Classes.

2. There are no geographical limitations. One could be in any part of the world and learn Abacus from the best of the Abacus Trained Teachers.

3. The system having preloaded learning videos ensures that every registered student gets the same highest level of training.

The Conclusion

These features make Mastermind Abacus an ideal Abacus E-Learning Platform and an ideal Online Abacus Teaching Platform. The myth about online Abacus classes is shattered for the First time in the World Online.

It could be a game-changer in imparting Abacus Education to the masses. It could be the most effective option for the 10,000-plus Abacus Trainers towards the revival of their closed-down Abacus Centers with the added advantage of geographically unlimited accessibility to students.

For those wanting to venture into Abacus Education, this could be the best opportunity to go for their own Online Abacus Classes with a PC or Laptop & a broadband internet connection. Get online Abacus training & become a certified trainer.

If you have a child, you would like to enroll in an Abacus Online Class, Book a Free Demo, and get first-hand experience.

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I'm abacus trainer, if you have any requirement for online teaching please WhatsApp 8121046500



I want to learn it. How i will do this?

  • Mastermind Abacus

    Hi Tamal, To learn Abacus, you will have to register as a Student. prior to that please click on the link below and register for a free demo. After the demo you will be guided further for the registration process.


Poonam sagar agale

Yes I want to open

  • Mastermind Abacus

    Hello Ms. Poonam, You Are Welcome. To Register, As The First Step Please Click On The Link Below And Fill The 'Apply Now' Form, We Shall Call You Back.


Shaikh Farooque Akhtar

Yes I want to open.

  • Mastermind Abacus

    Hello Mr. Shaikh, You Are Welcome. To Register, As The First Step Please Click On The Link Below And Fill The 'Apply Now' Form, We Shall Call You Back.