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Fusion, Need of the day

As in the food industry, interior decoration, fashion or entertainment, a trend of FUSION seems to be gaining popularity with every passing day. Fusion of old and new, a fusion of traditional with the modern, fusion of ancient rich heritage with the latest technology with the objective to preserve the traditional flavor but yet make it contemporary.

Fusion and education

The education industry has also welcomed with open arms the technological developments. The fusion of ancient teaching methodologies with the latest technology is being adapted to make the ancient concepts widely available for kids of today. The amalgamation of the ancient teaching methods with the latest technology, in a way that not only makes it easy to understand but also makes it more engaging, fun and simplified.  

Abacus Education and Technology

One such unique and extremely dynamic tool is Abacus. The history of Abacus indicates it has its roots as old as three thousand years is Abacus.

A calculating tool used in ancient China with beads and rods on a frame. Over thousand years of its existence for generations has transformed from a mere calculating tool to a complete brain development tool used today for children between 4 to 14 years of age. While the usage of the Abacus has changed with time, since the last two decades it has been one of the most popular after school learning activities for kids. The teaching methodology has remained unchanged with almost no improvisation.

It’s time now to have a fusion of this ancient teaching tool with the latest technology to make it more interesting, engaging, and user-friendly for the kids. The pandemic of Covid-19 has changed many traditional concepts and one amongst them is taking physical Abacus Classes at centers. With the physical movement of students being restricted, it is becoming challenging to retain the existing students and ensure that their Abacus learning continues. This led to the Abacus Franchise adopting various available online options to continue to conduct Abacus Classes.  But frankly speaking, these are only temporary alternate arrangements for the Covid-19 period.

Advantages- Online Abacus Classes

Unless the advent of the pandemic and the followed lock down, Online class conduction irrespective of it being effective or ineffective, revealed several aspects that were never thought about earlier. From the parent"s or students" point of view, it’s easy, convenient, and economical to take online Abacus classes at home rather than going to the center every week. It saves on the cost, time, and effort involved in going to the class. It also provides the comfort of learning from home where parents have the advantage to participate and keep track of the quality of education being offered and the actual learning that is happening.

From the center owners" or trainers" point of view, running the classes online cuts down significantly on the saves expenses incurred in terms of rent and operational overheads. Specifically, in metro cities, deduction in fixed overhead costs can be a game-changer in improving the ROI and making this supplementary education activity a really profitable venture.

Conduction of online classes for Abacus is lucrative and a win-win proposition for both the center as well as the kids. But, conducting classes with books by the traditional method vide the simple video conferencing available platforms is not a very effective method due to obvious hassles.

Online Abacus E-learning Platform

Need of the day is an integrated platform for effectively conducting online Abacus classes, which is completely digital, having set course structure, online practice for the kids, and video conferencing facility all available on a single window. A system that is technologically advanced enough to provide the trainers facilities to manage a batch of students online by assigning them class work, monitoring their progress, assigning homework, and interacting with the kids. For kids, it should be highly interesting with lots of games and activities available on an engaging and interactive platform. The presence of a virtual teacher who can assist and help solving their problems while doing homework or practice.

In a nutshell, an Online Abacus teaching or learning platform should signify the fusion of high-definition latest technology and traditional education.

Out of the few good things which have come out of this Pandemic, is one such program which is the Online Abacus E-learning Platform of Mastermind Abacus. It is a high-tech program integrating video conferencing with digital class conduction. It is technologically the most advanced and user-friendly program available in the Abacus industry.

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