International Womens Day A Tribute

Mastermind Abacus Wishes Happy International Women Day


We and the entire global population celebrate March 8th as International Women’s Day. It is celebrated in the honor and respect of every woman in the world. All efforts are always directed toward the betterment and growth of their family, the society, and the nation, and usually at the cost of their individual preferences.

It is rightly said, while the womb of the 'Mother' is where humanity is nurtured, her lap is the cradle of civilization. Her love, care, and motivation for all her near and dear ones in times of need is a testament to the statement above.  Therefore, to pay a tribute to her efforts and support is every individual's obligation.

Every Mother is a superwoman and none doubts this. She is the first Guru, Teacher, Mentor, Motivator, Guide, and God to every child. Women are the stronger gender among the Homosapien.  On this day paying gratitude and showing love and affection is the smallest gesture we can extend to the women. A Mother gives birth, a sister is the first friend to every brother, and a wife is the companion of a lifetime. The cycle continues with the birth of a daughter. She is the one who completes the circle without even allowing others to know what she had to go through.

It is said and is a fact that ' behind every successful man there is a woman, but a saying that behind every successful woman there is a man, could not be coined, because you know...

All the learning by the human race to date started from the confines of their homes under the guidance of the first teacher, their Mother.

We as educationists understand and acknowledge the role of every Mother, and owe our very existence to these Superwomen, whose diligence is the only reason for all the knowledge we have.

Today in every single segment the women have proved they are not the second fiddle to the men. They have traveled a long way from the confines of their homes and kitchen to being in a space Laboratory. From primarily being teachers to flying a Fighter Jet. From being a homemaker to a becoming lawmaker to being the head of the top corporate in the world.

We Mastermind salute all the women for their great success and contribution to building the world we are in today.

8th of March, International Women's Day is the day when none should miss the opportunity to express gratitude to every woman and in particular the women in their life. Be it your mother, your sister, your wife, your daughter, your daughter-in-law, your colleague, your female teachers, or your friend for the variant roles and the contributions they have made in shaping your life. No amount of love you express for them will be enough unless it becomes a part of your everyday life and you continue to respect every known and unknown of the world. Dedicate this day and every day to celebrate their womanhood and achievements.

International Women’s day is just a gesture to acknowledge the fact that they are more than what we perceive in general and a promise to extend our support in furthering their achievements, their objectives, and reaching their goals.

We Mastermind celebrate this day in anticipation of helping the girl child, the woman of tomorrow to become a part of many more success stories in the future. Our intent is very selfish, we want to be a part of the success stories of the women of tomorrow.

We on behalf of Mastermind Abacus wish all the women of the World a very happy International Women's day.

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