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Learning Abacus Benefits

Learning Abacus, the ancient calculating tool solely used initially for purpose of doing higher arithmetic calculations has emerged as a holistic brain development program for kids. While improved Mathematical calculation is the immediately visible outcome, the list of benefits of Abacus learning goes much beyond. The program of Abacus is designed specifically for kids from 5 to 15 years of age as during this phase the process of brain development or Neurogenesis is maximum. Being a complete brain development program for kids, abacus learning activates both left and right hemispheres of a child’s brain resulting in added benefits such as 

Improved Concentration - Learning abacus activates the right hemisphere of a child’s brain which improves the child’s concentration remarkably. This is a solution to one of the most common problems of kids which is lack of concentration. The kids doing Abacus are more focused & attentive in class.

Improved Listening Ability - The children doing the mental calculation in Abacus need to concentrate and listen to the sums to do correct calculations. This results in bringing appreciable improvement in their listening ability. Thus the kids are now able to listen and grasp what is being taught in the class more accurately.

Improved logical thinking - Abacus is a mathematical program that uses lots of calculations, and formulas, and uses logic with continuous activation of the Left hemisphere or the logical brain resulting in improvement in logical thinking.


Improved RecallThe kids doing mental calculations in Abacus are required to recall the previous steps thus improving their capability of recalling. This is an imperative quality very helpful in examinations. Kids normally have a problem of forgetting and not remembering the answers during the exams due to poor recall, Abacus learning helps them come out of this problem.

Developing Photographic Memory - The kids doing abacus develop photographic memory which can be explained as the capacity to remember something as if the photograph of the same has been imprinted in the brain. 

Improved overall academic Performance -  With improved concentration, recall, photographic memory, logic, and listening ability, the child not only performs better in mathematics but also shows exceedingly improved results in all the subjects.


Overcome Math Phobia – The kids doing abacus classes start thinking the numbers in the form of images of the bead position. This helps them in becoming comfortable with the numbers and coming out of the Math Phobia. When a numerical is asked to a kid, normally the calculation is done in the logical left hemisphere of the brain. But for a kid who is doing the abacus program, the child imagines the abacus instrument in their right brain, the numbers get converted into an image of bead positions, the calculation is done in the right brain by moving the imaginary beads and the final result is obtained in the form of the image of the bead position. This final answer is then transferred to the logical left hemisphere where the image is converted into numbers and the child answers. This technique of doing calculations not only fastens the speed but also helps the student in overcoming the Math phobia.

•  Improved Self-Confidence – When the overall academic performance of the child improves remarkably, the child starts becoming more participative in the classroom ultimately resulting in being more confident.


Looking at all the above benefits of Abacus training, we can say that it is one of the most amazing supplementary education programs for kids that not only improves mathematics but also brings complete overall development to the child. You can refer to Mastermind Abacus one of the most modern Abacus training programs for students. Their program is an excellent amalgamate of modern technology and the ancient Abacus learning and training methods. The learning here has been transformed through a gaming platform making it a very interesting whole brain development program for the kids

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