Becoming An Abacus Trainer

Become an Abacus Trainer


With the increase in the demand for supplemental courses to provide the best education to children, Abacus is being widely adopted universally. With its wonderful and jaw-dropping effects on small children, most of the parents are availing the course to utilize all its advantages.


Now to supply these demands, education companies like ours have been serving a large number of students with their top-rated programs through our vast franchise network. We, therefore, realize the importance of quality trainers for Abacus and so encourage dynamic educators to train kids for the same.

Why become an Abacus Trainer?


Abacus as a course has been proved to be a brain development tool, apart from imparting mental arithmetic skills in the students. Being an Abacus trainer you will:

·         Train kids on the most effective ancient calculating system that enhances mental arithmetic skills

·         Incorporate skills like visualization, concentration, listening, logical reasoning, photographic memory and recall thus help in developing their complete brain

·         Offer students a course that gives them an edge over others by improving their academic and co-curricular performance

·         Generate revenue and income by pursuing a career that brings revolutionary changes in the education patterns and overall personalities of small kids

·         Be satisfied with a feeling of serving a noble cause that shapes children's future by making them competent and confident


What skills should you pursue to be an Abacus Trainer?


Teaching is an art, and teachers are born with the skill in their blood. A genuine teacher who wants to help students with Abacus training can become a trainer. Following are the skills that will help him/her prove to be an effective Abacus trainer:

·         Should be a passionate educator at heart

·         Should have a love for children and should adapt teaching methods understanding their psychology

·         Should be readily available to help children with all their difficulties and problems ensuring equal attention to all

·         Should measure the progress of students regularly and take corrective strategies to improve scores

·         Should teach difficult and complex methods easily without complications

·         Should ensure complete involvement of students throughout the 10 levels without making the course uninteresting for them

·         Should be clear on his/her intentions of educating children to make them better and more efficient every single day.


By being an Abacus trainer, you can enlighten both your own and your student's future.


We at Master Mind, ensure quality training to the trainers of our Abacus franchises through advanced technology like Virtual Abacus. Thus, we offer brain development solutions to children along with infusing mental math skills into them.


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