Effects Of Abacus Training On Memory



Abacus, in the Modern times has been used invariably as a Brain Development tool. A well developed brain is the one which can visualize things, concentrate, coordinate with the situations around, memorize and recall the events.


Abacus is a proven technique to enhance all these skills and therefore Abacus training is given to small kids for improving these abilities at an early age. In this post we will be discussing the effect of Abacus learning on the memorizing abilities in children.


Studies have shown that the mental calculations involve well learned procedures, problem solving questions and dependence on memory (Sokol et al, 1991). The effects of Abacus training on memory of children are:

·         It visualizes beads up to nine digits and recites them in the mind which develops better memorizing skills. It means that the numerical memory gets amplified

·         It augments the memory of spatial arrangement as it develops skills to be able to draw the same picture on a blank surface, with horizontal and vertical dimensions that they have memorized through the Abacus board

·         It improves the photographic memory as the arithmetic calculations can be performed mentally by picturing the Abacus and doing the relevant hand movements to give the answer.


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