Unique Teaching Techniques- Part II



In the previous post we had discussed one teaching techniques called the Score Board Method in order to ensure quality Abacus training to kids. Now, we would feature another teaching method that has been designed and structured to make Abacus learning for children way more interesting.


Point Card System


In this method, the teachers make sure that the child gets involved in all the classroom activities and for every good deeds, he will be awarded point cards. The teachers keep certain goodies and gifts of different ranges in their showcase to encourage the children to be more participative and gain more points.


The children perform and accumulate points in each class which they can redeem to get gifts of their choice. These points can even be carried forward to the next level, which means the points accumulated in different levels can all be redeemed together for a bigger gift.


This method creates an enthusiasm in kids and thus enhances their performance which adds to their complete brain and personality development.


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