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Abacus, as a supplementary education course has been gaining recognition all over the World. In such a competitive market where “n” number of service providers has been educating kids with Abacus, it becomes important for us to serve the students with the best solutions that are economic and adaptable.


Hence Master Mind Abacus, being into Abacus training for kids since almost 17 years, initiated to couple technology with the traditional means of study so as to deliver ace services to children. Our Research and Development team understood the demands of the modern requirements to educate children, and thus developed unique software to make Abacus learning even more effective.


One of Master Mind’s most successful software that made students experience delightful is the “Speed Building Software”. The software implements the idea of “Play and Learn” concept where the children are provided with a platform that makes them practice Abacus problems while playing online games.


A research study on Abacus by Ms Shizuko Amaiwa, Professor, Shinshu University, Faculty of Education has stated that, “some measures must be taken to keep the learners from being bored, since repetition of simple procedures is often accompanied by boredom…”


Considering these researches and also the child’s psychology, our software best suits the requirement of the today’s demands for study. Our software not only visually attracts the child to get its involvement, but also improves its speed, accuracy and mental arithmetic.


The exclusive features of the Speed Building Software are:

·         It ensures practicing Abacus questions with fun

·         It is animated, vibrant and colorful

·         It offers unlimited questions to be attempted

·         It automatically tells if the answer is correct or not as soon as you submit

·         It keeps track of time for every question

·         It is readily available for practice 24/7

·         It provides a different set of questions for each level


Apart from the speed-building software, we have also structured software for conducting online competitions for Abacus. This software allows appearing for the exam from any center, minimizing the need to travel to a specified location in order to take the exam. Students are evaluated on real-time basis through this software ensuring accurate and on the spot results. This process is hassle-free and inexpensive for students, their parents and even for the Abacus center.


Another software conceptualized by Master Mind, called the Virtual Abacus is a master guide for teachers and trainers which guarantees quality training for Abacus course.


To make your child’s Abacus learning experience amusing and enjoyable, visit the nearest Master Mind’s Abacus franchise. The course is sure to improve the mental arithmetic of your child along with acting as a complete brain development tool.


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