5 Major Application Areas Of Abacus



With Abacus gaining popularity, and it being a significant and effective source of complementary education courses, it has become important for the masses to be alert about various other areas apart from educating Abacus to kids. The Abacus has been into existence since many centuries now, but not many people are aware about its applications other than its role in edification of children.  


Under mentioned are the 5 different application areas of Abacus:


1.      Trading

In the ancient times, merchants and traders made use of the Abacus device as a counting tool. Initially they used Abacus for counting their goods, but later when goods were transported in higher quantities it became difficult to calculate their cost of purchase and sale. Then the Abacus made it easy to compute these costs. Though in modern times Abacus is not used for trading, it certainly had its implication in olden days.


2.      Mathematics

We are aware that when the device was first invented, it was used as a counting device which made performing mathematical calculations easy, fast and accurate. The beads (in the form of stones etc.) were moved with both the hands for counting purposes. This ultimately enhanced the mental math abilities in people. It was used by both children and adults for doing math calculations.


3.      Architecture

Abacus has been used by the architects in both ancient and modern times. It enriches the architectural standards and it is a gizmo for the architects. It helps in supplying new and unique designs of the buildings and other architectures. Basically, the device is used to calculate and measure the size and dimensions of formation of the buildings. This instrument has structured some of the very beautiful buildings.


4.      Teaching

This is the most common and illustrious application of Abacus. Small kids are taught to use Abacus so that it acts like a brain development tool for them which imparts all the necessary skills in them and enhances their classroom performance. It also makes them confident to face the competitive challenges on a global front.


5.      Business

In view of the fact that Abacus is advancing in the education sector, it gives the business minds an enormous opportunity to be their own boss and serve a large number of students by making them competent. By taking an Abacus franchise, they experience satisfaction and appreciation along with a chance of generating profits with minimal investments. Therefore, Abacus is beneficial in business terms as well.


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