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As a concerned parent, you might seek for the best quality education services for your child. Since you are reading this blog, you are already aware about the Abacus program and its offerings. If you are in search for how Master Mind is different from other companies, here is our unique feature that you might be interested in- online facility to appear for Abacus certification.


Master Mind Abacus provides its students, an ease and convenience to appear for Center, State and National level competitions on an online platform. Unlike other Abacus companies, this effort of ours allows the students to give online exams from their home town. This minimizes the need for students and their parents to travel to particular centers of the country, thereby saving time and money. These exams help the students to be well prepared for future competitions.


In addition, the online examinations utilizes modern technology for its smooth and hassle free conduction. It evaluates the students instantly and gives real-time results as soon as they submit their exam. It diminishes the human errors as the whole process is automated.


The online competitions are convenient even for the abacus franchise as it reduces their effort and expenses for conducting exams. Online exams tests children on the basis of their mental arithmetic abilities, speed and accuracy. Opt for the Master Mind Abacus course for your child now!

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