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Abacus Training For Trainers 

The demand for Abacus Classes is increasing every day. People are learning about the various benefits that Abacus provides to their children. The inquiries for Abacus are now also seen in the rural belt of the country. With the growing demands, the competition is also increasing at a great fast pace. Many small and large Abacus Promoters are trying their hands at Abacus Teaching. With new Abacus Classes coming up and several educationists wanting to involve themselves, the demand for quality Abacus Training and certified Abacus Trainers is on the increase.

While many small companies can just go along with any trainer who knows the basics of the Abacus and demands less money, the reputed companies prefer certified Abacus trainers that have a good understanding of an abacus tool.

Abacus classes and Abacus Franchises are growing all around the globe hence, this is the right time for you to think about a career as an Abacus Trainer.

Abacus training for teachers is not just easy but also a beneficial career option. It is now available both offline and through online platforms.

Why Abacus Training?

a) The training period is just a week for every level and is easy to understand.

b) After completion of abacus training for the 1st level, you can start teaching. You can also continue your current profession as abacus classes are generally conducted once a week, mostly at weekends.

c) Abacus Training is now possible both online and offline.

d) Once trained, you can start your abacus center or work with different companies as an Abacus Trainer.

Who should learn Abacus?

Teachers: Teaching is an art because not everyone can handle the responsibility of so many kids together. So if you have an interest in kids and love to be around them, you could learn and start your own Abacus Class or even become an Abacus teacher.

Housewives: You are a housewife and want to start a new business? You can get your Abacus training and start an Abacus Class of your own. The availability of an online abacus class can also help you learn Abacus. You can then teach students Globally from the comforts of your home. You can start your Abacus Online Classes with just a Laptop or PC and broadband internet connection.

Edupreneuers: Nowadays, everyone wants to have multiple options of income. If you are an edupreneuer and intend to add to your already existing Education business, getting Abacus training is a great option. It needs less investment and does not ask for a lot of time. Abacus Classes are conducted usually on weekends. It enables you to make optimum use of your premises and extra income with no additional investment. 


When we talk of teaching Abacus the first thing that comes to most people's minds is expertise in math. But in fact, the truth is, you do not need to be a math expert to teach or learn it. Anyone with good communication skills and an interest in teaching children can become an Abacus Trainer.

All these people are eligible to undergo Abacus Training include; housewives, tutors, teachers, edupreneuers, coaching centers, other job seekers etc.

Gains of becoming an abacus trainer

a) Start your business-After becoming an abacus trainer you can become your boss and run your own business. It allows you to make your own decisions, and take your call.

b) Classes only on weekends-Coachings for subjects like math, science, English, etc. require class conduction every day, and a lot of hard work from the teacher's side. On the other hand, since an abacus class is scheduled only on weekends, it allows you the liberty to have the option open for a second business.  

c) High dignity profile-Living in Indian culture, we have learned from childhood that a teacher is a very dignified person. Hence it is right to say that teaching abacus is a high dignity work profile. 

d) Fast Growing business- since the demand for learning Abacus is increasing the business growth is rapid. 

e) Home tuitions or online classes- Even if you don't have a big investment ready for a new business, you can still start Abacus classes from your home. You only need to have a space of 400 to 500 sq feet or start your own Abacus Online Class with just a Laptop or PC and a broadband internet connection. Abacus classes do not necessarily require a big infrastructure. Home tuitions are preferred by parents who want personalized attention for their kids.

f) A good and long-term source of income- Unlike hobby courses which are of weeks or months-long, the duration for completing the abacus course is 2 years. So once they get admission the students will not leave without completing the entire course. Hence, abacus classes are a good source of long-term income.

Why mastermind abacus training?

1. We have an experience of more than two decades.

2. We have a worldwide presence in 16 countries with over 2000 abacus centers.

3. We are the world's first company to offer a live Online Abacus E-Learning and interactive Online Abacus E-Teaching platform.

4. We provide certified training to our Abacus Trainers.

5. Mastermind Abacus offers a fun-learning experience of Abacus.

6. We provide online promotional and marketing support to our franchise.

7. Mastermind provides effortless and online techno-friendly training on Abacus.

8. Every year National and International level Abacus competition is held for the kids.

9. We provide proper assistance and regular interaction for the trainers, to help them prevent any hurdles in their business.

If you are looking to get perfect and professional Abacus Training and start your own Abacus Class, get in touch with us. Fill out the Franchise inquiry form.

If you want to become only an Abacus teacher fill out this form and we will contact you.

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