Wholesome Brain Development Through Abacus Program

It is an interesting fact to know that our brain functions are divided into two parts namely the left brain functions and right brain functions. The left brain functions are related to logical thinking, reasoning abilities etc., while the right brain functions are more related to creativity and innovative ideas. We can conclude, we live in a left brain dominated world.


The right brain in right handed people is always under-utilized, but this does not mean that it cannot be utilized to its full potential in order to enhance the performance in studies, work processes and elsewhere.


The abacus program is an ancient means of doing fast mental calculations by utilizing the hand and finger movements that directly send sensors to the brain. This makes utilization of both left and right sides of brain at a single time, and enhances the complete brain development process.


Since the 75% of brain development occurs between the ages of 4 to 14 years, small children benefit the most out of the abacus course. These children are taught to make use of both their hands to move the beads on the instrument while performing arithmetic calculations. This activity promotes their brain development when the same practice is done without using any abacus instrument and performing mental calculations.


It imparts skills that increase concentration, like:-

·         Visualization- The ability to visualize the abacus instrument (or any other content/subject etc.)

·         Listening- Increased listening skills of students adds to their better understanding of the other subjects (in addition to the abacus course)

·         Logical reasoning- Enhancement of skills for applying logics and doing faster numerical calculations

·         Photographic memory-  Ability to remember and reproduce instances and incidents (or even lessons) as they were in the mind, for future use

·         Recall- The capability to recall the accumulated data, the right one at the right time.


So in conclusion, we can say that making use of both the hands and brain functions of left and right brain can make children become extra-ordinary. They can prove to be the leaders by delivering invincible performance in studies, co-curricular activities, competitions etc.


Master Mind, an Abacus training institute provides a complete brain development program to students which also enhance the mental arithmetic calculations. The abacus course is structured in consideration of children psychology that gives them a joyful experience of learning while giving a feeling of being in a play.


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