Why Learning Abacus is being emphasized?



A question that parents constantly look for an answer to is, why make a child learn Abacus in this hi-tech era when calculation can be done by a mere click on a calculator?

Well, the question is very logical, but the fact is that this technological advancement itself is the major reason why we should give Abacus Training to our children. The uninterrupted use of these gadgets has had a negative effect on the natural ability of the brain to learn the basic fundamentals of math, thus interfering with its logical and analytical thinking ability. Learning Abacus has a great advantage especially in children between the ages of 5 to 14, which actually is the age when brain development is at its peak. Abacus training at this age augments cognitive skills and triggers whole brain development.

Effects of Abacus training on cognitive development
Use of the Abacus instrument to do calculations requires flawless coordination between the ears (for listening to the numbers and the arithmetic operators to be used), Eyes (seeing the abacus instrument), and Fingers of both the Hands (for moving the beads on the Abacus). In addition, the brain is involved in physical and logical action simultaneously. It is important to understand how Abacus triggers whole brain function in young children, develops in them a number sense and also helps them in getting over math phobia.

Role of Abacus Scale in development of Visualization
In the Abacus Classes, the children have to learn the proper use of the Abacus Scale or the Abacus tool to do the calculations. The child over a period starts to visualize or create Abacus images in the mind, move the beads mentally in accordance to the numbers and the applicable arithmetic operators to reach the final answer. This process develops the ability to visualize things. This improves the memory and the recall ability of the child.

Does Abacus really help?
Yes, it does. Although Abacus was invented over 3000 years back, it continues to remain significant even in this hi-tech era because of the benefits that the modern-day child gets from its training. It has been proved in several research on Abacus that Abacus learning has a very positive effect on the development of the Child’s brain. The abacus trained children can calculate faster than a calculator with impeccable accuracy. They have highly developed photographic memory coupled with excellent recall abilities and enhanced visualization skills.

What is taught in Abacus Classes?
In the abacus classes, the child is taught to use the Abacus scale or the tool by learning how to move the beads and identify the bead position on the Abacus in terms of numbers. Here the child listens to numbers with great concentration, obtains the value by accordingly moving the beads on the Abacus with the fingers of both hands, apply the arithmetic operators as required, think logically and move the beads to obtain the final answer. Initially, when the children learn Abacus, the entire process involves the use of the Abacus Tool physically. Later over a period what is taught in the Abacus Class is to visualize the Abacus instrument, listen with concentration, think logically and then move the beads mentally on the imaginary Abacus, identify the bead value as per the last position of the beads and recall accurately to get the correct answer. And believe me, this entire process happens very fast.

Abacus Study, the time involved
The complete Abacus Curriculum involves 2 to two and half years. Abacus Training is of 8 to 10 levels of 3 months each. Since the best results are seen in the growing years of the children i.e. between the ages of 5 to 14.

Abacus training involves the same process in all levels i.e. moving the beads mentally to get the right answer. It has been observed that it does become monotonous over a period and children seem to drop out or discontinue after 4 to 5 levels. This gives a bad name to Abacus Training and the children do not get the actual benefits from the Abacus as they do not master the skill completely. This can be avoided. The children can be made to complete the course only if the entire Abacus learning process throughout the course is made interesting and engaging. Of course, parental involvement and motivation are of great importance.

The latest Abacus E-Learning Platform – It is highly engaging

With the ever-increasing awareness of Abacus Education, it was felt strongly to develop systems that could make the Abacus learning process more engaging so as to ensure the students get complete benefits of the Abacus Education. This was only possible if the dropouts were reduced and maximum students completed the course. Taking advantage of the technological developments one of the major Abacus Educators took up the challenge and created an Abacus E-Learning Platform or a virtual online Abacus class that could meet all the challenges of a physical Abacus class. They created learning videos for teaching and Abacus Maths based video games for doing classwork and homework. They have made sure that students score points in every hurdle crossed while playing these games. The entire learning is done under the supervision of a trained Abacus teacher who can monitor the students through the video conferencing window. The students can also see their teacher throughout the session. This gives the feeling of an actual classroom despite being Physical.

A sharp and confident child with bright performance in academics is slated to reach desired heights in life. As a parent you certainly want your child to be like this. Make sure you enroll your growing child with Abacus and reap astonishing benefits like enhanced concentration, memory, recall ability, logical thinking and the ability to visualize. Transform and prepare your child for the fierce competition of life ahead. Make your child a human calculator.

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