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Abacus Training And The Science Involved

Students undergoing Abacus training perform better in their academics as compared to those non-abacus students. They are more confident and in general score better and are able to grab opportunities more than the other students not only in school but also in life. These extraordinary results only force us to think about the science working abacus.

Even in this modern era of technology the positive effect abacus training has been showing, the parents often ask the question ‘How?’ The answer to this question is the Mental Math training of abacus. 

The Mental Math Training With Abacus

Children undergoing Mental Abacus training show amazing enhancements in their performance levels that are not limited to only math but it is upgraded in other subjects too, both in and outside their classrooms. This also has a very positive effect on confidence levels. Results obtained from studies conducted in 1970 have clearly shown that Mental Math training with abacus helps in cognitive development, better social behavior, improved memory and retention, visualization, and also a reversal of cognitive impairment. 

Recent studies have also proved that trained abacus users can visualize the physical abacus, skillfully operate it in their mind to mentally calculate even large 10 digits numbers with remarkable speed and accuracy.

Effect Of Abacus Training On The Left And Right Hemispheres Of The Brain

The brain has a left and right hemisphere. The functions like logic, processing, mathematics, sequencing, linear processing, etc are governed by the left Hemisphere. When a child is trained in classic mathematics in school it is the left hemisphere that gets trained. When it comes to imagination, visualization, intuition, and rhythm it is the right hemisphere that comes into play.  Abacus training requires the trainee to visualize an abacus, mentally move the imaginary beads every time with the same precision irrespective of what operators are being applied and identify the bead position to come up with the right answers for the calculation done. This consistency enhances the understanding of math.  Since the above process requires the use of visualization, imagination, and rhythm the entire process is the right hemisphere. While numbers are abstract and children find it difficult to understand, abacus training gives these numbers a visual image and makes them interesting.

Experts have concluded that abacus training has a stimulating effect on both the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

The initial education at the primary level activates the left brain more than the right brain because it involves repetitions, practicing, memorizing given texts, etc. There is an imbalance in the development of intuition, imagination, and visualization which creates a hindrance in the development of the Right Brain at a proper pace affecting the understanding of several concepts at a later stage in the academic journey.

With abacus training, children learn to visualize problems with the help of simple arithmetic concepts. These concepts are the catalyst that augments the ability to understand subjects like math and science. This improves their level of intuition and imagination which have been proven to be important attributes towards mastering advanced mathematics, the ability to analyze, learn a new language, etc.  

The abacus with its ability to stimulate the right brain creates a balance between the left brain allowing it to accept with ease newer ideas, retain information, and in tandem with the right brain use logic in problems be it in or beyond the classroom.

Beyond Mathematics

As discussed above the benefits of the abacus are not limited to just math, the process of training and its positive effect on the brain functions brings in several other advantages. Below is a list of a few other advantages that come along with the usual benefits of the abacus.

  • Enhanced spatial ability – Being a multi-sensory tool abacus allows the children to relate abstract thinking with physical objects. Numbers are transformed into objects due to the enhanced ability to visualize, imagination, and spatial reasoning ability. The fear of numbers is taken care of and concepts are easily understood.

  • Better long-term memory – In the process of learning abacus, they learn the methods of solving the problems. This equally applies in solving problems beyond arithmetic may be geometry, algebra, etc.  This enhanced memory allows them to have a better vocabulary and thus they are able to grasp newer languages with ease.

  • Excellent ability to recall – Solving arithmetic problems with the abacus involves imagination, recall of the position of the beads, and transforming these images into abstract numbers, this process develops excellent recall ability in the children.

  • Better Critical thinking abilities – Studies have shown that abacus training helps children to critically analyze any problem.

  •  High level of confidence- The ability to solve problems with speed and accuracy enhances the confidence of the children motivating them to go for the next question. The answers may not be always right but they are certainly motivated to try the next question. This reflects being independent and is very important in growth.

There is enough scientific backup and practically observed results to support the use of abacus in students of primary level. When the small kids calculate with speed and accuracy 8 to 10 or even more digit problems it certainly is a delightful sight. To get the benefits of abacus training enroll your child with Mastermind Abacus. Mastermind has maintained the sanctity of the ancient abacus tool and amalgamated it with modern technology and several number-based games to make Abacus training more effective and interesting.

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