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It is said and proved that anything related to Arithmetic Calculations enhances the logical and creative ability of the human brain.

When we refer to the children between the age of 5 to 14, this is the age when the brain develops at a very fast pace and this is the age when the brain accumulates lots of new ideas and information.

This is the right age to train the child’s brain towards logical thinking, enhancing their ability to retain information gathered. It is also the best age to sharpen the ability to visualize, enhance memory, and catalyze the creative instinct, etc.

It has been proved scientifically that the human brain has two distinct hemispheres, the Right and the Left. Each hemisphere has a different role to play that visibly affects an individual’s intelligence and behavior. Primarily it has been established that while the use of the Right Hand stimulates the Left Hemisphere and the left-hand users have a more active Right Brain.

Since predominantly the human population is of right-hand users, we have a population with a more active Left Brain as compared to the right brain.

If I were to say an ambidextrous person using both left and right hand will have an equally active left and right brain, I would be right. That is they use a larger portion of their brain compared to a right or left-handed person.

It has been observed that kids with an active whole brain (those with equally active left and right brain) exhibit a higher level of IQ. They can retention and recall better, are more logical and creative as well, with an excellent ability to visualize. In one word, they are the ‘Smarter’ lot.

So, activities that involve the use of both hands and Arithmetic calculations, especially mental arithmetic can help in whole brain development in the kids between the age group of 5 to 14.

Keeping Numbers and Mental Arithmetic calculations as the mode and combining it with the ancient calculating device abacus as the tool for training the kids to use both hands, is now the Globally accepted method for initiating and achieving the whole brain development among the kids of the age 5 to 14 years.

The process is now in existence across the world for over 2 decades. Certainly, India is no exception, with  ‘N’ number of promoters coming up for Abacus Mental Math training which have proved up to help children in their whole brain development.

It is seen Abacus training not only enhances the mental math ability but also improves the performance in the overall academic performance of the child.

But, in the present ‘Corona effect’ and lockdown every Abacus training class stands suspended. This has become a huge hindrance in both learning and teaching Abacus.

Alternative options for providing Abacus training needs to be considered. Online Abacus Training for students can be a great option. This will help the students already enrolled to restart their Abacus training and also an opportunity for those who want to start abacus training.

There are a few challenges in starting an online Abacus Training center. These could be:

1. Creating a virtual classroom with trained Instructors who could deliver equally effective results even through online abacus classes.

2. Conduction online classes that could involve every single student.

3. Device method to enhance speed and accuracy for mental arithmetic calculations.

4. Creating requisite worksheets for practice.

5. Conducting online tests.

In order to ensure that students interested in taking up abacus training do not lose upon valuable time, Mastermind Abacus has developed an online Abacus training both for Instructors and students. The unique features like a Virtual Abacus that is more like a 24x7 guide for the Instructors, exclusive online games (Speed Building Software) for enhancing mental arithmetic calculating speed of the students.

In fact Mastermind Abacus has decided to conduct an ‘International Lockdown Combat’ for all interested students. This will be an international Abacus completion to test the speed and accuracy of the trained Abacus students across the world.

For details you can contact 8109045119

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