Characteristics Of Abacus Students



Abacus trainers and educators have always claimed that the kids who are trained on Abacus are observed with advanced skills that are not experienced in non-abacus learners.

What do the teachers’ say about the Abacus students?

The Abacus trainers and teachers state that the kids who learn Abacus invariably gain high concentration levels which help them engage themselves on a particular thing for a longer duration and without distractions. They also develop a competitive spirit to take up new challenges confidently. Moreover, they perform mental calculations at an unimaginable pace that can complement the speed of a calculator. They become obedient and follow a structured approach in and outside studies. It is nothing less than a model of motivating kids to succeed in whatever they do.

What do parents say about their kids getting trained on Abacus?

The parents whose children are trained on this ancient tool called Abacus, confirm that their kids build abilities like problem-solving, and competitiveness, and are able to work without breaks or obstacles. They also pursue leadership qualities. These abilities ultimately reflect positively on their cognitive style, personality, and confidence. The interesting fact is that these skills are not only restricted to success in Abacus but also these characteristics are relevant to succeed in several others tasks.

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