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Historically, India has been known for its contributions to science. It has been ahead of many other nations in the instructions of science. Our scientists have reached research centers as big as NASA. With the emerging trends of technology playing a critical role in most people’s daily life, getting answers to all curiosities is easy. Parents have started encouraging their children’s interest in fields like science, technology, and others. Getting children to chase their curiosity and discover the world around them in scientific terms. This leads them to craft their science-related interest and make it their passion or career perspective.

What exactly is scientific curiosity?

There are many uncertainties and unanswered questions around us. Sometimes we have to accept a few concepts based on beliefs, customs, traditions,s or others. But this raises curiosity, mostly in children. We must know that there is definitely some science involved in every event that occurs around us. When our anxiousness leads us to research or study unanswered concepts, it is known as ‘Scientific Curiosity’. And, if your child is curious and carries a scientific attitude, you must celebrate as it will lead him/her to the zenith.

Scientific Curiosity helps kids explore the “?”!

Scientific curiosity allows an individual to explore the areas that are unconcluded or contradictory. It is (directly or indirectly) a motivation or driving force that sets a goal-oriented behavior. It builds a desire and gives a positive direction to actions. 

How does Abacus spark the child’s scientific curiosity?

The abacus as a brain development tool indeed encourages children to think and comprehend beyond, starting early in life. When children of 4 to 14 years start learning early, utilizing the full potential of their left and right brain, they automatically become more aware and enlightened. This awareness drives more curiosity in knowing about the natural world (i.e. science). Thus the children research, experiment, and experience the science involved behind every event. Learning Abacus increases the ‘dopamine level’ in children and thus gives rise to ‘scientific curiosity in them.

Benefits of Abacus and Scientific Curiosity together

·         Helps overcome ‘forgetful attitude’

·         Develops an ‘art of memorizing’

·         Builds the ‘competitive spirit’

·         Makes children ‘flexible and mentally agile’

·         Ignites ‘creativity and innovativeness’

·         Encourages ‘Inquisitiveness’

·         Makes children ‘open minded’

Besides, Abacus has a lot more benefits to offer to small children. To experience, take the Abacus course and Master Mind, a premium Abacus training center based in India.

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