Are Extra-curricular Activities Really Useful?



All of us will agree that school and education is extremely important for children. But, have we ever given a thought on how important is it to get them involved into 

extra-curricular activities as well. If not, it is time to get acquainted about why you should consider encouraging your child to participate in extra-curricular or 

after-school programs.

Extra-curricular and after-school program helps develop a child’s personality positively, as it controls the negative behaviors. Even the experts believe that extra-

curricular activities make a child mentally healthier and physically stronger.

How are the extra-curricular and after-school activities important?

1.  Help make more friends

These activities let the child move out, gel with people and share common interests with them, thus removing their shyness. In this way, they become outspoken and 

extrovert and learn the art of making new friends. Having the support of friends and others, make the children all the more energetic and full of life.

2.  Enhances creativity

Kids who are sporty and participate in extra-curricular activities have the ability to think out of the box. This makes them more creative as it offers an outlet to 

involve into art and craft, dance and music, sports etc. This differentiates them from the crowd and also improvises skills like problem solving, analytical skills 


3.  Imbibes the quality of teamwork

Teamwork is an elementary like skill that should be learnt by every child. It is essential both at the workplace as well as at home. When we study, do projects or even 

play, we have to work in a team by supporting each other, in order to reach the desired destination. It is required in all phases of life.

4.  Assists in time management

When a child gets involved into one or more activities simultaneously along with studies, they learn to manage their time effectively. They learn to take out time for 

their friends, family, play and plan for every activity by deciding their priorities.Children should be able to manage their time properly right from the very 


5.  Increases self-confidence

Not many of the children would be great in studies. But, they may excel in extra-curricular activities. These activities give them confidence that they are no less 

than anyone. Also, in this tough world of competition, they can pursue their career in something that is unusual and they can be well distinguished from others.

Give us your suggestions on what more does extra-curricular activities have in its bag to offer to young children.

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