Master Mind Abacus: Transforming Identities



Being a reputed name among the top-notch educationists, it becomes vital for us to unleash full potential of the children. It then becomes easier to understand their individual requirements and thus educate them with ace solutions. Our endeavor has always been to discover the hidden caliber of children and utilize their capabilities in the most unique way. 

We have discussed in several posts about Abacus being a medium of developing skills like listening, concentration, visualization, photographic memory and recall in small children. Our Abacus programs offer all of this and thus aim on making the kids gain confidence and transform into rational personalities. 

…How do we do it?

Moving ahead, you would want to question us whether how we argue on delivering ‘that’ much to children. Well, there goes the answer… 

1.      Understanding the child’s anguish

Subjects like mathematics may intimidate the child and so make him/her reluctant to study it. Does that mean we should adjust with the situation? No! Instead it becomes a responsibility for us to unfold the reason behind this behavior and edify the students with techniques that suits their nature. A teacher’s best teaching methodology, can be unfit to teach (may be) a small group of students, who would want to learn the other way round.

2.      Exploring all their strengths

Unfolding the strengths of students and utilizing them (along with communicating these strengths to the students themselves) will help them evolve being more confident. The weaknesses will then automatically be minimized and go unnoticed. We create an ambience in the classroom that makes the child comfortable both physically and mentally, thereby making teaching and learning an enjoyable experience. 

3.      Getting them involved into fun activities

In the modern age, where education is going online (through e-learning platforms), we have introduced a research-based curriculum that makes a child learn Abacus through online educational games. This is a place where students can face innumerable challenges, while having fun and giving opportunities to participate in activities that run parallel to their interests. 

We at Master Mind Abacus empower all our students (between the ages of 4 to 14 years) to increase their overall academic scores. We motivate the children to get over their weaknesses. We improvise their basic strengths and utilize them to the best. This subsequently transforms their individual identities. Boosting a child’s confidence cannot be a onetime effort. We believe that it has to be a process of strengthening their confidence each passing day and ensure higher success. 

Share your views with us… 

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