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Nutrition And Education: Are They Interlinked?

Education is the basis of survival in this age. But to have an effective education, apart from an individual’s potential, his/her health plays a critical role. A healthy being is the one that constitutes a blend of mental and physical health. In spite of providing the best educational systems, unhealthy nutrition may make all the efforts go in vain.  


Healthy food and education go hand in hand. Have a look at the list of food items you should eat to say fit, healthy and which would certainly help in absorbing and retaining a good education.


1.      Vegetables and Fruits

Each vegetable especially the green leafy vegetables carry nutrition and strengthen the body. Fruits on the other hand are a rich source of vitamins and minerals. They should necessarily be included in the diet of every individual.


2.      Milk and other dairy products

Milk and its extracts are rich in proteins and calcium. It keeps the bone density high and also smoothen the overall digestion process. Also, milk products are natural sources of sugars like lactose.


3.      Pulses

Pulses are another rich source of proteins. It cuts the dissolved fats by amplifying the muscles of the body and restricting the accumulation of unwanted fats.


4.      Fish, fish oils and plants

They are rich in fatty acids like omega-3. It can be derived from fishes like Salmon, tuna and other sea foods. Walnut, Soya, Rapeseed oil also contains omega-3. It plays an important role in cognitive development of brain, behavioral functions and memory, thus helping a student to succeed in his/her educational career.


Other important foods include sugars, fats, legumes and grains that maintain a balance in the body by delivering the desired nutrition.


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