Boosting The Memory Of Your Child



Memory is a key to attain academic success. Not only in academics, memory is an imperative part of our routine instances too. The kids who have enhanced memorization skills benefit immensely in examinations and competitions. One should necessarily work on boosting their child’s memory.


Here is how you can enhance your child’s memory.


1.      Encourage stress-free learning

Stress is a situation where the brain functions get blocked and are unable to adapt new things or lessons. This ultimately affects one’s memory to relate with the events occurring at a particular time. Stress-free situations on the other hand ensure that everything that is being taught is effectively stored in the memory.


2.      Increase attention

Make use of methods that are interesting and involves student’s attention. Children can easily get distracted from studies and so special care has to be taken to grab their attention.


3.      Relate to memories

Everything that happens around us gets accumulated in the subconscious mind. When some real life scenarios are discussed with children, these memories can be brushed up and it ensures long lasting effect of the topic of study. As a result, recalling at the time of exams becomes a piece of cake.


4.      Work on what you Demonstrate

Remember, while you teach your kids your actions and your demonstrations are stored in the child’s memory. So, be careful and make the environment such that it is worth memorizing so that it can be used at the right time by kids.


Take the Abacus course for your child. It is a perfect tool that enhances photographic memory of children and helps increase their scholastic scores.

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