Enhanced Number Representation Through Abacus

While working with digits, it is essential that they are represented correctly so that their value can be read efficiently and calculations can be performed in the right manner. Numbers are represented with a systematic positioning of digits in the places like units, tens, hundreds and so on…


Abacus instrument is a calculating device which makes number representation convenient even for numbers as long as 9 digits (including the positive and negative numbers too). The rods in the instrument represent a digit’s place constituting of beads which are assigned a value each.


The beads are moved across the rods for performing operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division etc. as per the requirement of the question. This position of the beads is then read out to derive an answer to question.


Devices like calculators make calculations faster but never develop skills for numerical representation in children. Abacus on the other hand enhances numerical representation, along with amplified linguistic representation indirectly due to effects of concentration, listening skills, memory etc.


Abacus course is a “must take” educational program for today’s generation to become competent and have an edge over others. Master Mind Abacus is the best education provider which augments the students’ mental arithmetic skills and makes them confident.

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