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Why Abacus For Kids? - Mastermind Abacus


Although Abacus has been accepted as one of the most effective whole brain development programs by most parents, still several parents have this question 'Why Abacus for kids

This question needs to be answered because the parents must know how Abacus training would benefit their kids in their overall academic performance in the future? Secondly, they should also know which is the right age to initiate Abacus training of Abacus for kids

Let us try to answer the first question first. 

What are the benefits of Abacus for kids

Numerous scientific studies have proved that training a child to use Abacus for calculations inculcates several lifetime skills in them. It has been proved beyond any doubt that training kids in Abacus trigger whole Brain development. These skills have a lasting effect in augmenting their Academic performance and also adding value to their overall personality. Let us list down the benefits: 

1. Lack of concentration and a not-so-good memory can be directly linked to the poor Listening ability of a child as he/she does not listen with apt attention to what the teacher says during a class. This affects the overall performance of the child. Abacus training develops a natural habit of listening with adequate concentration. This also improves the retention of what is taught & learned. 

2. Recalling the right thing at the right time is what plays a vital role in the performance of a student and reflects vividly in exam results. We too have often come across such situations during our exams when we could not recall a particular answer, despite having learned it well. We may remember the same later. This happens due to poor recall ability. Abacus training for kids improves their recall ability for a lifetime.

3. Fear of numbers is a common problem faced by several students. They hate numbers and math. The reason for this is the non-availability of any object to which they could relate or connect a number. This is because kids learn to relate everything to some object, for example, an Orange has a size and shape and they relate to it and can easily understand it. But this does not happen with numbers. Since the kids are unable to connect numbers with objects, as this affects their logical understanding it results in disinterest and shows in their poor performance in math. This over a period leads to the development of math phobia. The Abacus tool comes in handy in providing them to equate the numbers with the beads (object), this eases their understanding and develops in them a liking for numbers. They learn to calculate with accuracy, thus adding to their confidence in assimilating numbers. During the training, the kids develop a love for math, and out goes the Math fear. The kids undergoing Abacus training develop Mental Math skills i.e. they can solve arithmetic questions mentally without the help of an external tool, that too with accuracy and a speed that invariably beats the calculator.  

4. Abacus training is accepted as a whole brain development program for kids. The human brain has two hemispheres, the left, and the right. It is the left part of the brain that is responsible for logic, number, counting, and identification of black and white colors. The right part of the brain takes care of creativity, art, other colors, thinking, imagination, concentration, and recall. Abacus education if initiated at the proper age augments the development by activating both the hemispheres and promoting whole-brain development. This results in enhancing concentration level developing photographic memory, improving logical thinking ability, increasing visualization capacity of the brain, enabling recall, and instilling apt listening ability. The gross outcome of the above development can be seen in the improved grades of the child.

The second question which is the right age to start Abacus Education

There is a great dilemma among the parents as to when to initiate the training of Abacus for kids?

It is universally agreed by all experts that the right age to start training Abacus for kids is when they are of the age of 4 or 5 years. The logic forwarded is that the maximum development of the brain takes place at this age. The human brain develops and generates new brain cells during this period. The development of the neurons ceases after the age of 15 years. They have concluded that in a child the brain develops almost to the tune of 75% between this age.

They are also of the opinion that between 4 to 15 the kids can be involved in various activities to add momentum to the brain's development process. Moreover, the brain at this age is in a learning phase and also adapts with ease to new things. The learning of this age lasts a lifetime. 

We all know that at this age the responsibilities are the least and so are the otherworldly burdens'. Their brain is in a position not only to learn new things, ideas, processes, etc with ease but also to adapt to these with the least difficulty. This is the right time to introduce them to new skills that will make their academic journey more pleasant. 

I am sure the two most important questions of the parents have been answered above. 

The next challenge for the parents is to identify the RIGHT abacus training center for their kids. 

When it is the question of selecting the most appropriate Abacus class, one should keep in mind the distance to be traveled for attending the class. Long travels always tire the child and can also create disinterest in learning. Remember Abacus is an after-school program.

To cut down on the traveling time you can enroll your child in online Abacus classes of Mastermind Abacus. Along with their offline Abacus classes they now also have the Online Live Abacus E-Learning Platform.


Quality of training is another very important point to be considered before making a decision. If the teaching standards are not up to mark the child is likely to lose interest and drop out midway and not complete the entire Abacus Training course of 8 levels.

Mastermind Abacus, be it their offline or online Abacus course, has made it highly engaging. While the teaching process in the offline Abacus Classes keeps the students involved throughout the class time, the Online Abacus course is designed hi-tech, and loaded with math-based abacus video games for class work, homework and practice. This has made the learning process with Mastermind Abacus way smarter and more effective as compared to any other Abacus class.

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