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A Child Struggling in Math? Join Mastermind Abacus!


Struggling with Math? Unlock Math Joy with the Abacus!

Struggling to Help Your Child with Math? How an Ancient Tool Sparked a Love for Numbers The look of frustration on Akshita's face was all too familiar as she stared blankly at the simple addition problems in front of her. At just 7 years old, she was already dreading math and feeling like she would …

Abacus Approach in STEM Education


Unlocking STEM Mastery: Abacus Approach in STEM Education

Introduction: In a world where math and science are the building blocks of innovation, every parent dreams of seeing their child excel. Picture Rohini's dilemma: her 7-year-old daughter struggling to grasp basic math and science concepts. It's a scenario many parents can relate to, a mix of frustra …

A Child Struggling In Math


Struggling with Math? Spark Your Child's Love for Numbers

Remember Rohini? My energetic 7-year-old who could light up a room with her smile? Well, lately, that smile has been replaced with a furrowed brow whenever math homework comes out. Simple addition and subtraction suddenly felt like climbing Mount Everest. As a parent, it was frustrating. I knew a s …

Unveiling The Best Abacus Program


SIP vs. Mastermind Abacus: Unveiling The Best Abacus Program

Introduction: As parents, we are constantly on the lookout for the best educational opportunities to nurture our children's growth and development. When it comes to math education, abacus programs have gained popularity for their ability to enhance mathematical skills and foster confidence. In this …

a mother is confused which is best?


UCMAS vs. Mastermind Abacus: Which Program Fits Your Child's Needs

Introduction Choosing the right abacus math program for your child can be a daunting task. With global players like UCMAS and Mastermind Abacus offering quality education, parents often find themselves at a crossroads. Both companies have carved a niche in the world of mental math education, but th …