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Abacus Learning and Mental Health

The benefits of Abacus learning on a child’s brain development have been known for years. Several scientific studies have established the positive relation between Abacus learning and mental health of a child.“Abacus training improves mental health,” a statement if made still raises many eyebr …

 Student Practicing In Online Abacus Classes


Abacus Classes To Become The Next Math Genius

Abacus Class Imbibes Love For Math Math has always been a compulsory academic subject, but let us be truthful. It's one of those subjects that most people fall in love with or never want to see again. To say there is a love and hate relationship with Math. There is no stage in-between. With the rece …

Abacus For School


Why Abacus For School?

Abacus For School and Its Importance The most frequently discussed topic in School parent-teacher meetings is whether Students perform below-par. It is a common observation that the teachers make that the child lacks attention in the class, performance in math is below par and has a below-average re …

Students learning Abacus math in Classroom


How Abacus Math Helps Overcome Math Phobia

Relevance of Abacus Math In Overcoming Math Phobia? Many people find mathematics frightening right from childhood. Numerous children fear numbers and may still do so even after college. This fear is often referred to as Math Phobia. Abstracts can be difficult for humans to recognize and make friends …

Abacus Classroom and A Smart Student


Abacus Class For Better Mental Health

The benefits of an Abacus Class on a child's brain development have been known for years. But did you know that Abacus can help in improving mental health?Scientific research has proved that Abacus Training can positively impact its user's brain. They have even recommended that the younger brains sh …