Teacher and Student Abacus


Student Abacus and Teacher Abacus

The term "Abacus" refers to a primitive device using both fingers to perform arithmetic calculations. Merchants used the Abacus instrument to calculate the trade price in countries such as China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, and Korea.In the last 20 years, Abacus has been used to train students to perfor …

Search for Abacus Class Near Me


Why Should You Immediately Search For An Abacus Class Near Me

When we talk about a hobby class, there is a platter of options for your kid to choose from. So then, why has 'the abacus class near me become the most popular search on the internet? To answer this question, let us first understand how an after-school program is beneficial for your kid. U …

Abacus Training For The Love of Math


Abacus Training For The Love of Math

Abacus has been a very popular after-school activity in recent years. Abacus has proved to help the kids in whole-brain development. Studies have proved that students learning abacus perform better in academics than the other students. Now raises a question, should abacus training be a par …

Start Your Own Abacus Franchise Mastermind Abacus


Starting An Abacus Franchise Things You Should Know

Today, Abacus Franchise is one of the fastest-growing education Franchise options that bring you regular revenue. But as the demand grows, so does the competition; this is why many Abacus promoters are rising every day.The abacus franchise is not just a business but a highly valued service in societ …

Mastermind Abacus Online Class


Mastermind Abacus Online Class

Are you one of those parents searching for an Abacus online class near your home for your child?Also, does the abacus class in your local area provide the best quality abacus training for your child? Or are you compromising, just for the sake of saving that extra time and money on transportatio …