Abacus - Why should we use both hands to operate it?

A student calculating on the Abacus tool using both hands.


Mastermind Abacus Trains students to use both hands for calculating on Abacus.

It is a scientifically proven fact that using the Right Hand activates the Left Hemisphere of the Brain and the use of the Left Hand activates the Right Hemisphere of the Brain. Using both hands has a distinct advantage as this process activates both the hemispheres of the brain and triggers a whole brain development in the child using the Abacus tool for learning Abacus. 

Benefits of Abacus Learning

The whole-brain development and the Abacus Training process also ensure several other benefits. These are listed below:

Improves Listening ability

Improves Visualization

Enhances Memory

Increases the ability to Concentrate

Develops Mental Math Calculation ability

Increases Speed of calculation

Increase Accuracy in the calculation

Develops Logical thinking

Increases Confidence

Improves overall academic performance 

Several Abacus promoting organizations train the students to use only their hands while calculating on Abacus. This deprives the students of the advantage of whole-brain development.  

We know Abacus was only a calculating tool in the ancient days. But in this modern age, we do not need to use Abacus as a calculating tool, we have several handy electronic gadgets for that. As of now, it is used to promote whole Brain development in children between the age of 5 to 14. The process uses numbers as media and Abacus as the Tool. This process involved in Abacus learning promotes whole brain development and learning to do mental math in the course of Abacus training is an additional benefit.

Mastermind Abacus has been promoting Abacus learning through its 2000-plus Abacus Franchise Globally for the last two decades. We firmly believe for the above-discussed benefits of Abacus learning to be achieved in total the children must be trained to use both their hands.

Mastermind Abacus has always insisted on the use of both hands for best results. It is strictly followed at all the Abacus Classes by all Abacus Franchise centers of Mastermind Abacus. 

Mastermind Abacus has recently developed the Digital version of its Abacus. It is the world's first live online Abacus learning Teaching and Learning Platform. Accessible from anywhere in the world. Any student can book a free demo and register and learn Abacus from the comfort of their home with just a laptop and internet.  

The Mastermind Online Abacus learning program follows the recommended process of Abacus training. This latest program is loaded with several indigenously developed Abacus Math-Based Video games. These are used not only for teaching the Abacus Math but also for ensuring unlimited practice for the students. The students solve the questions on the Abacus tool or by performing Mental Math and then input the answer into their system.

The online Abacus program by Mastermind Abacus is proving to be a great advantage for all those aspiring to start their own Abacus Centers because it has overcome the geographical limitations of enrolling students. Reduced the cost of overheads & infrastructure involved. Moreover, Mastermind Abacus is offering their Online Abacus program to all those taking up the offline Abacus Franchisee, that too with no additional cost. This has opened up a new avenue of adding to revenue.

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