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Master Mind Abacus is proud to provide online training through virtual abacus. It is the only company that offers this unique feature to all its students and faculties of the franchise. But what exactly is “Virtual Abacus”? Let us understand…


Virtual Abacus is the technology through which a student or faculty can get expertise in using the abacus instrument for learning abacus maths sitting right in front of their PC or laptop. There is no need to be physically present in a class to learn this form of mental maths. This technique is associated with the software through which visual display on a screen teaches the person to learn abacus with proper movement of hands, fingers, and thumb. As soon as you enter the sum in the input box, the software automatically starts to solve it over the virtual abacus on the screen, just like it is done physically by utilizing the hands, and displaying the output.

This technique has made the trainers/faculties maintain high standards of conducting abacus classes for kids. It even sustains in providing uniform quality of abacus for kids in all the franchisee centers. Because of this modern technology, the abacus franchise is able to get better results and a larger number of satisfied customers.


The Virtual abacus has minimized the difficulty of training people across the world and has reduced the geographical constraints by bringing our world of abacus closer and making communication easy and convenient.

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