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Master Mind’s has always endeavored to deliver new and innovative education solutions to students. With an effective use of technology, we have successfully incorporated the same into our teaching methods which makes the abacus learning “fun” for kids.


Our Speed Building Software ensures training students by giving them an opportunity to learn while playing. This software involves full engagement from children by making them do their abacus practice on their computers. It start to put up questions one after the other on the screen. The students calculate mentally and marks the correct option from those displayed, submit it and get the feedback right away.


The whole process runs giving a feeling of playing a video game. This method of learning assures that the child practices abacus without getting burdened and bored and solves even complex calculations easily.


The famous Abacus researcher Ms. Shizuko Amaiwa, Professor, Shinshu University has stated that “some measures must be taken to keep the learners from being bored, since repetition of simple procedures is often accompanied by boredom.”


Master Mind’s abacus course has been structured as per the scientific studies and so best suits the requirement of children. Our abacus training for kids through speed building software not only enhances their mental arithmetic, but also results in their complete brain development.

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